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What can you find in the “Promotions and events” section

The “Promotions and Events” section is a place in the online food ordering system where you can manage promotions and events published on the restaurant website.

online food ordering system


Promotions in the online food ordering system are rewards offered to your customers. You need to define a discount for each of them that will be applied automatically when a customer places an order and the discount terms are met.

The discount only defines the conditions and the reduced amount. You have to create a promotion to go along with it in order for the discount to start working and be activated.


online food ordering system

The UpMenu online food ordering system also makes it possible to promote events that you organise in the restaurant on the restaurant website. Invite your customers to free wine tasting or advertise a promotion which only applies in the restaurant. Create an even in the same way you create a promotion but without adding any discount to it.

All the promotions and events you create can be found in “Promotion & Events”. When you click “Options”, you can either edit or delete them.

In the top right corner of this section, you will find a “New promotion” button that will make it possible to create a promotion or event in the online food ordering system. See how to do it How to create a promotion?



Updated on May 14, 2019

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