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What can you find in the “Ratings” section?

The “Ratings” section is your quick warning system in the UpMenu online food ordering system. In this section, you will find customer reviews that are only visible to you. Additionally, as opposed to reviews in food ordering portals, you can respond to them.

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Review list

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In the middle part of “Ratings” in the online food ordering system, you can see a list with reviews of your customers from the last week. Read more about this in our articles: How to check your customer reviewsHow to respond to a review written by a customer.

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You will find a search tool above customer reviews which makes it possible to check the feedback left by your customers. You can set several different search conditions:

  • Period of writing the review
  • The scope of the points value of a review
  • Restaurant in which the order was placed (if you manage a restaurant chain)
  • Email of the customer who left the review.

“Mark all as read” button

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After reading reviews, you can click on “Mark all as read” in the top right-hand corner of this section. Any notification about new reviews in the menu panel will disappear.

Updated on May 10, 2019

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