How to sell food online See how to earn more in restaurants thanks to online ordering

Learn how to sell online through mobile-responsive app Learn how to sell online on restaurant website for desktop

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Online ordering on a restaurant website or mobile app is now up to 70% of all digital orders.

If you are wondering how to sell online through ordering software for restaurants, simply use the UpMenu system.

Launch an online food ordering system and sell your food online
Easy to implemenet system for selling food online

Easy implementation

Start selling food online today! Simply enter your menu and delivery zones and install the system on your website.

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Your own mobile application for online food sale

Sell food on mobile with a branded app

Do you want even more? 6 out of 10 online orders are placed via a restaurant mobile app.

Let your customers order on the restaurant mobile app and increase the number of food product sales by up to 20%.

Collect orders the easy way

You can collect orders easily, with just one click in your dashboard or in the order taking app.

Save your time and your employees time. Forget about errors with telephone orders and sell food online conveniently.

Collect orders the easy way to sell more food items online
More food sales thanks to advanced marketing tools

Marketing functions that support food sales

45% of customers say a restaurant loyalty program would encourage them to order more often.

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