Do you want to sell food online? See how to create an online food ordering system

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Launch an online food ordering system and sell your food online

If you are wondering how to set up online ordering for restaurants, simply use the UpMenu system.

The functionality of the system and its intuitiveness when customers place orders will help you in your daily work and provide more orders for your restaurant.

Launch an online food ordering system and sell your food online
Easy implementation

Easy implementation

You are only a few steps from asking how to create an online food ordering system to receiving your first orders through your restaurant website.

Enter your restaurant details, create a menu and delivery zones, connect the system with your website. It’s as simple as that!

Do you also need a restaurant website?

Create a food delivery website with UpMenu. Use ready-made website themes from our restaurant Theme Store and adjust them to your brand. It’s really very simple.

85% of hungry customers look for restaurants online. Let them find you!

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Ninjagrill desktop website Meat&Fit desktop website 77sushi desktop website
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Ninjagrill mobile website Meat&Fit mobile website 77sushi mobile website
Your own mobile application for restaurant

More orders with a mobile application for restaurants

Do you want even more? Use the UpMenu restaurant mobile app and make sure your restaurant is handy for your customers.

You mobile application is available for both iOS and Android devices. Its simplicity of use will provide even more online orders.

Collect orders the easy way

When you use the UpMenu system, online orders are sent to you by email. You can collect them simply, with just one click in your administrative panel on any device with internet access.

Launch the online food ordering system and save your time and the time of your employees. Forget about errors when noting down details of telephone orders.

Collect orders the easy way
Let your customers pay online

Let your customers pay online

Don’t lose customers who don’t carry cash ever again. The UpMenu online food ordering system lets your customers pay online.

Integration with an operator of fast online payments is a huge convenience for your customers, generating bigger profits for your restaurant.

Print orders

The UpMenu system makes it possible to print orders on a receipt printer.

This is a great feature; you can hand over the order to the chefs right away.

Print orders
More orders thanks to advanced marketing tools

More orders thanks to advanced marketing tools

When you choose the online food ordering system, remember the additional features. The UpMenu system will help you with all your marketing activities.

Use the newsletter database which the online ordering system builds automatically and benefit from:

  • email, SMS, and PUSH campaigns
  • automated collection of customer reviews
  • loyalty programmes
  • advanced promotion engine
  • discount vouchers
  • marketing automation
  • possibility of recommending products from the menu.

Try it risk free, without obligations.