What is included in the service?

We will take care of the positioning of your restaurant website so that you will rank higher and higher on Google and gain more traffic, customers and orders.

The package is recommended only for restaurants in towns of up to 500,000 residents.The package is recommended for restaurants in towns of 50,000–200,000 residentsThe package is recommended for restaurants in large cities with more than 200,000 residents and for restaurants that want to maximize their profits
Keyword positioning2 content / month4 content / month6 content / month
Creating entries on Google Business Profile1 entry / month2 entries / month3 entries / month
External links0 links0 links1-2 links / month
Minimum duration of the service3 months6 months12 months
SEO audit of the existing websiteYesYesYes
Google Business Profile optimizationYesYesYes
Homepage optimizationYesYesYes
Optimization of page titles, meta tags and alternative image descriptionsYesYesYes
Optimization of the existing content on the siteYesYesYes
Internal linking configurationYesYesYes

What are the benefits of the service?

The purpose of SEO is to increase your website’s visibility on Google for the chosen keywords. As a result, the traffic to your website will increase, possibly generating new customers and more orders. Therefore, you will increase your turnover and your profits!

See sample calculations for each package

 Basic budgetOptimal budgetAdvanced budget
Number of website visits before SEO optimization3000 / month3000 / month3000 / month
Number of website visits after SEO optimization4000 / month (+33%)4500 / month (+66%)6000 / month (+100%)
Number of new orders (with a conversion rate of 10%)100200300
Revenue from new orders
(with an average order of $50)

Note: The above calculations are estimates only and depend on many factors, such as average order value, location, type of food, and time required for website positioning. Make your calculations.

How is the service provided?

  • You request the service here
  • You give us access to your website — You will be automatically redirected to a form and asked for all your for all necessary data
  • We will do an SEO audit of your restaurant website and choose the right keywords that are most searched for in your location.
  • Then, your website will be optimized for the chosen keywords so that it will be ranked high in Google’s search results
  • After the first month of advertising, you will receive a report that allows you to monitor the effects of positioning daily

How long does the service take and when can I expect results?

We will start optimizing your website for SEO within 7 working days from purchasing the service and submitting the materials.

Then, we continue the website and Google Business Profile optimization depending on the SEO results until the end of the service.

In towns with up to 50,000 residents, you can expect the first results after 3-4 months. In larger cities, it can take 4-12 months.

What are the conditions?

  • You have online orders from UpMenu (you are an UpMenu customer)
  • Your restaurant has an UpMenu or a WordPress website
  • You will provide UpMenu with access to your website so that we can optimize it

What is the minimum duration of the service?

BasicOptimal Advanced
3 months6 months12 months

Currently, services are not automatically renewed. Each month, you will receive a link to pay for another month.

How do we report the results of the service?

Every month, we will send you a detailed report by email that shows the current website ranking for the chosen keywords. You will also receive statistics on your website and Google Business Profile traffic.

See an example of the report:

Terms of service