Earn 20% recurring commission on every UpMenu subscription UpMenu allows restaurants to sell online under their own brand. Recommend UpMenu and earn money regularly with us.

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How does it work

Share affiliate link or recommend UpMenu to restaurants
Restaurants buy
Every month receive commission from those subscriptions

Commission details

When your free trial signup subscribes to any paid UpMenu plan, you’ll receive 20% recurring comission every month

Join Partners Program

For whom

The affiliate program is addressed to all companies and individuals who have contacts with restaurants.

Marketing and interactive agencies

With UpMenu, it's not only easier to build your customers' website or online orders, but thanks to the affiliate program you can start earning money regularly.

Freelancers, graphic designers, and web developers for restaurants

Recommend UpMenu to your customers. As with interactive and marketing agencies, you'll start earning money regularly.

Manufacturers of POS systems or other solutions for restaurants

We have common customers and there is no reason not to conduct this business.

Independent resellers or restaurant consultants

You can become an UpMenu distributor or simply "by the way" recommend UpMenu to your customers.

Restaurant staff and managers

If you work in a restaurant, convince your boss to start online orders. It is also an order for which you will receive commission.

What do you get from UpMenu

  • Commission for each subscription
    Simple and transparent rules.
  • Training with UpMenu
    Thanks to this, you will know what benefits UpMenu gives your customers and how to effectively recommend this solution.
  • Access to the affiliate panel
    Thereby, you know how much you have earned.
Partners program dashboard


I have been working with UpMenu since the beginning as a graphic designer and web designer for restaurants. I have already created dozens of projects and I have to say that the system is getting better. In UpMenu, I can create pages much faster thanks to ready-made templates. At the same time, I have no restrictions when I want to modify the page code. UpMenu is Wordpress and Shopify for restaurants in one. I definitely recommend it!

Bartłomiej Konopka,Owner / Web Developer

I admit that I am pleasantly surprised by your application. I have not seen an application / CMS long enough to modify the page code while maintaining a great UX. Nice. For sure I will recommend UpMenu to our clients, because it is a great product.

Mateusz Calik,SEO Strategy Manager

Thanks to solutions offered by UpMenu, the budget saved on site construction with the online ordering system can be placed by my clients into advertising activities. They gain more orders thanks to this. UpMenu combined with thoughtful activities in social media makes my clients earn more, that's why I recommend this solution to everyone!

Daniel Błażejewski,Social media manager / Freelancer

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I recommend a restaurant?
    Write to us: contact@upmenu.com We will contact you to start cooperation.
  • How much can I earn?
    Up to 20% net commission on each subscription. You can find the subscription fees here. For example: if you refer UpMenu to 4 restaurants that buy subscriptions for $360 (4 restaurants x $90 per subscription) then you will earn $72 per month. The more restaurants that buy a subscription, the more you earn.
  • What if I recommend a chain of restaurants?
    You get commission from every place in the chain. For example, if the chain has 10 restaurants and buys 10 subscriptions, you receive commission from each of them.
  • Who signs the contract with a restaurant?
    UpMenu signs the contracts with restaurants.
  • Who configures the system?
    UpMenu does the entire system configuration and start of online orders. If you want to implement UpMenu on your own, no problem. We'll even show you how to do it.
  • When do I receive payment?
    You receive remuneration within 7 days of issuing an invoice to UpMenu. You issue the invoice after the restaurant pays for the subscription.
  • Who looks after the customer?
    As the contract with the customer is signed by UpMenu, we take full care of them. Of course, you also want to keep the customer happy, so you should also make sure that the customer is satisfied with cooperation with us every once in a while.