Partner with UpMenu Earn up to 20% recurring commission by spreading the word about UpMenu


Two types of partnership

Affiliate Partner

  • You refer your audience to UpMenu with affiliate link (link is valid for 60 days)
  • You get up to 20% commission every month on purchased UpMenu subscriptions
  • UpMenu provides customer support

Reseller Partner

  • You purchase subscriptions from UpMenu and resell them to your customers
  • You earn the difference between your reseller pricing and UpMenu pricing (as a reseller you get individually negotiated discount)
  • You provide customer support on your own

How does it work

Sign up for free to become our Partner. Once you register, you'll gain access to your Partner Account.
or build
Share referral link with your audience or build online ordering for your customers on your own.
Get rewarded up to 20% commission for every recurring payment.

Who can become a partner


You can builds online ordering and websites for your customers


As agency you can use our solution to deliver online ordering for your customer


If you are influencer or blogger you can share UpMenu affiliate link with your audence

UpMenu customers

If you already using UpMenu in your own restaurant you can still recommend our product to others

Restaurant staff

No matter whether you work in a restaurant as manager or waiter you also can recommend our product to others

Tech integrators

POS systems manufacturers or other solutions for restaurants can both integrate with us and become partners

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I recommend a restaurant?
    Write to us: [email protected] We will contact you to start cooperation.
  • How much can I earn?
    Up to 20% net commission on each subscription. You can find the subscription fees here. For example: if you refer UpMenu to 4 restaurants that buy subscriptions for $360 (4 restaurants x $90 per subscription) then you will earn $72 per month. The more restaurants that buy a subscription, the more you earn.
  • What if I recommend a chain of restaurants?
    You get commission from every place in the chain. For example, if the chain has 10 restaurants and buys 10 subscriptions, you receive commission from each of them.
  • Who signs the contract with a restaurant?
    UpMenu signs the contracts with restaurants.
  • Who configures the system?
    UpMenu does the entire system configuration and start of online orders. If you want to implement UpMenu on your own, no problem. We'll even show you how to do it.
  • When do I receive payment?
    You receive remuneration within 7 days of issuing an invoice to UpMenu. You issue the invoice after the restaurant pays for the subscription.
  • Who looks after the customer?
    As the contract with the customer is signed by UpMenu, we take full care of them. Of course, you also want to keep the customer happy, so you should also make sure that the customer is satisfied with cooperation with us every once in a while.

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