SquareSpace Earn more thanks to the integration of your SquareSpace restaurant website and an online food ordering system

Launch an UpMenu online food ordering system on your website, built with a SquareSpace restaurant website theme. Earn more on food delivery and let your customers order online.

Each of the SquareSpace restaurant website templates can be integrated with the UpMenu system in just a few minutes so you can start selling online. Don’t let the competition get ahead of you. Let your restaurant website earn its keep.

How does integration of the UpMenu system and the SquareSpace CMS work?

  1. You can easily implement an online food ordering system on a restaurant website built with one of the themes from SquareSpace. All you need to do is enter the integration codes in the website's CMS.

  2. The online food ordering system will appear on your restaurant website and will help you earn more from food delivery. From now on, the menu on your website will become a new sales channel.

  3. Take advantage of the marketing functions that you receive along with your online food ordering system and promote your restaurant website and online orders. Organize your team work better and earn more from food delivery and takeout sales.

Launch an online food ordering system on your SquareSpace restaurant website

Customers like to order food delivery online. Give them the opportunity to do so by using the UpMenu integration tool and launch your own online food ordering system on your restaurant website built with a SquareSpace website theme. Earn more and improve the quality of customer service in your restaurant.

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