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Rest API Integration

Integrate your POS or your food delivery system - give your customers a complete solution and earn more

The UpMenu food ordering system can be integrated with your restaurant management system, the food delivery system or other solution supporting restaurant sales. Add online orders to your product and provide your restaurateurs with a more comprehensive solution.

Thanks to Rest API integration, you can offer your customers a POS or a food delivery system integrated with an online food ordering system. They will save time and money, and you will increase your sales.

How does the UpMenu system and Rest API integration work?

  1. We provide you with technical support and access to the UpMenu system with API key and API secret. These will allow you to carry out integration of your solution with an online food ordering system.
  2. Using the API key and API secret codes, you will be able to integrate the online food ordering system in every restaurant you work with.
  3. Your solution will become more attractive to restaurateurs because it includes extra online food ordering system features which will help them organize their food delivery, increase sales, and manage restaurant marketing.

Enhance the functionality of your products using Rest API and integrate with the UpMenu system

Give your customers a complete solution which will allow them to use your restaurant management, food delivery system or online order tools in one place. Increase the number of the functions you offer with online ordering, a loyalty program, building a newsletter mailing base, and efficient restaurant marketing management.

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