Facebook food ordering for restaurants Turn your fans into customers. Check how to use Facebook order food feature

Ninjagrill food order on restaurants mobile Facebook page Ninjagrill restaurants food ordering feature on desktop Facebook

Orders placed directly on the restaurant Facebook page

75% of customers search for restaurants on Facebook before deciding where to place an order. Use it to your advantage and design an engaging social media page for your restaurant, and gather more traffic.
Let them use Facebook ordering food features without leaving their social media experience. The shorter route to start order, the more customers you can expect. Use to your advantage and get ahead of the competition!
Social page of Ninjagrill with Facebook ordering feature thanks to UpMenu ordering system
Social media page of Ninjagrill with facebook online ordering enabled

Install a Facebook food ordering app

Integrate Facebook with the UpMenu ordering system. You won’t need the help of a professional developer with our quick and easy integration set up process. Menu with online orders on your social media within minutes!
Get a free trial for the UpMenu ordering system to configure Facebook food delivery and receive your first orders from your restaurant social media page today!

Perfect look and adjustment on Facebook

3 out of 4 customers check the opinions and appearance of dishes on Facebook before they order food from the restaurant. Show them the best of your establishment and proposed dishes with beautiful photos!
The Facebook food ordering app will simply become part of your page and show off your entire menu! Thanks to responsive design your restaurant menu will be optimized to every display – Desktop, mobile browser, and Facebook app
Facebook page integration for restaurants with the UpMenu ordering system
Accepting orders from restaurant Facebook site in the UpMenu online ordering system

All online orders in one place

Receive Facebook orders just like those from a restaurant website or mobile app – on a desktop or smartphone order handling panel. Handle new orders in real-time and offer the best possible ordering experience.
A Facebook ordering system provides you with the opportunity to get more orders and build your customer base. All revenue-boosting features are included in the subscription for the online ordering system by UpMenu!

How to take orders on Facebook

Use our Help Center to learn how to install UpMenu on your Facebook with easy to follow steps. You can also use additional features – “Table reservation form” and “Restaurant search engine”
Learn more about all the benefits you get when you use an online order feature on social media in our study about UpMenu integration with Facebook
Social media ordering integration for restaurants with the UpMenu system
Accepting orders from restaurant Facebook site in the UpMenu online ordering system

Facebook food ordering with UpMenu

Implement an ordering system from UpMenu on your restaurant Facebook and get access to all additional features offered within our solution
Get more customers with loyalty programs, reward systems, and discounts – all possible thanks to integration with UpMenu. Get ahead of the competition with an automated customer communication system and reports that will give you all the necessary information to adjust your marketing efforts