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Google Analytics Integration

Monitor the performance of your online food ordering system and sell more

Good marketing decisions can generate huge profits for a business, but bad ones can ruin it. Yet it isn’t easy making business decisions in a restaurant, where so much happens every day.

Integration of the UpMenu system with GoogleAnalytics will help you monitor the performance of your restaurant website as well as the customer traffic in your online food ordering system. Data like this will help you understand your customers’ needs better, so you can adjust the menu and the offers you provide.

How does the integration of UpMenu and Google Analytics work?

  1. You can easily integrate your online food ordering system with Google Analytics. All you need to do is input the account ID into the system. From then on, you will be able to monitor traffic performance on your restaurant website.
  2. Based on traffic data from Google Analytics, you can make business decisions that are based on really reliable information. Data analysis will not take much of your time – the information is clearly presented in the form of graphs.
  3. Optimising your restaurant website and the online food ordering system using data generated by Google Analytics will allow you to respond accurately to the needs of your customers. This will improve the quality of your customer service. Remember, satisfied customers place orders more often, and you earn more.

Boost your food delivery sales thanks to the integration of UpMenu and Google Analytics.

Make better marketing decisions and increase your food delivery orders by taking advantage of the integration of the UpMenu system with Google Analytics. Improve traffic performance on your restaurant website and boost profits.

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