Magento Give customers an opportunity to order online thanks to the integration of your online food ordering system with Magento.

Do you want to let customers order food delivery from your restaurant website built with the Magento restaurant website theme? Use the UpMenu online food ordering system and easily launch online orders.

The Magento integration will ensure a quick and easy start, without the need for complicated technical knowledge and IT specialists’ help. In this way, you will save time and money and be able to launch an online food ordering system sooner, and start earning more on food delivery.

How does integration of the UpMenu system and Magento restaurant website themes work?

  1. You can easily build a restaurant website thanks to the Magento CMS. This way, your customers will be able to find you online easily. Use the Magento integration to implement online orders on your website by using codes that can easily be placed in the CMS.
  2. The Online food ordering system will appear on your restaurant website. Customers will be able to place orders directly with you. You will be able to easily accept the orders and provide food delivery or a takeout.
  3. Additional marketing features provided with the online food ordering system will help you promote your restaurant website and food delivery. That’s how you will earn more and manage your restaurant marketing activities more conveniently.

Launch an online food ordering system thanks to easy integration with Magento restaurant website templates

Let customers order food delivery using the online food ordering system on your restaurant website built with the Magento CMS. Take advantage of integration, manage the workload of your restaurant better, and earn more.

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