SquareSpace integration Earn more thanks to the integration of your SquareSpace restaurant website and an online food ordering system

Squarespace restaurant template is a perfect environment for the website to run the UpMenu online food ordering system. Design your restaurant site with Squarespace templates to get a home page that will gather customer traffic and let your clients buy online thanks to integration with online ordering software.

A beautiful site extends your restaurant’s brand and makes it easy for customers to find your menu, location, hours of operation, and latest menu items propositions. This article reviews how to choose a starting website design for your Squarespace restaurant page and how to add features including menus, table bookings, reservations, and loyalty programs.

Each of the Squarespace restaurant website templates can be integrated with the UpMenu system in just a few minutes so you can start selling online right away. Don’t let the competition get ahead of you. Let your restaurant website earn its keep.

Squarespace restaurant website design

Customers like to check the restaurant website before placing an order food or visiting brick-and-mortar locations. You have to develop the best website for restaurants that utilizes web design principles. Squarespace provides you with extensive tools that make a website design process quick and convenient. It is the best choice for a restaurant owner that would not like to spend thousands to go digital with their business.

The restaurant website created with this CMS is well optimized to achieve higher search ranking positions. Also, Squarespace templates utilize a comprehensive builder that will let you publish vital information, like an email address or phone number, on your homepage. Website design by Squarespace guarantees that your business page will be optimized for every display, even mobile devices and tablets.

Create the best website for restaurant with Squarespace templates for the eatery business.


Squarespace template integration with UpMenu

  1. You can easily implement an online ordering system on restaurant websites built with Squarespace templates. All you need to do is enter the integration codes in the website’s CMS.
  2. The online ordering system will appear on your restaurant website and will help you earn more from food delivery. From now on, an interactive menu on your restaurant website will become a new sales channel.
  3. You can customize published menus through UpMenu Administration Panel


You can add the online food ordering menus to your main page, as this is your most significant page.

The online ordering menu by UpMenu is integrated with a custom HTML code that you add to your website. In Squarespace, you can add such code with a content block termed – “Code”. You can add content blocks only in the “Page Content” section of templates for Squarespace.

Don’t forget to populate your page with additional content that is vital for the restaurant business. Include contact info, pictures of your meals and kitchen, share something from everyday life and work in your restaurant. Restaurant websites are great opportunity to become closer to your customers. Even the finest design will not be as engaging as “slice of life” content.

Quick and easy setup

Setting up your Squarespace restaurant online ordering only takes a few minutes. After you’ve created your restaurant menu, you simply need to add the integration code on your website and we’ll take it from there.

The online ordering menu is actually a piece of HTML code that you’ll find in your UpMenu admin page and you need to copy-paste it into a visible section of your Squarespace website. We recommend you add it to the homepage as it’s the most important part of your website.

Interactive menus on Squarespace restaurant website

Integration with UpMenu online ordering system for restaurants gives your customers access to interactive menus that pass placed orders to receiving applications in real-time. The highly intuitive menu editor allows you to organize food categories, menu items with pictures and add-ons (like customizable toppings and extra ingredients) with drag & drop system. Add a discount or promotion for a set of products and start online ordering to attract more customers.

The result is spotless as no matter how many dishes you add, your menu will always be optimized to look modern and clean on any display!

Also, you can add the online ordering plugin on your social media page. Learn more about Facebook ordering here

Squarespace restaurant with real-time online ordering

Now that all is set, it’s time to start selling food online!

Get the free order taking app from UpMenu to easily handle and accept orders directly from your smartphone, tablet or stationary computer with just a click.

Every time an order is placed on your Squarespace website, you’ll receive an audio and visual alert on your Android, iOS, or PC device and you can confirm the order instantly.

Give them the opportunity to do so by using the UpMenu integration tool and launch your own online food ordering system on your restaurant business page built with a Squarespace website template. Earn more and improve the quality of customer support in your restaurant.

Use loyalty programs to get a higher profit with every order

Captivate hungry customers with several attractive loyalty and reward programs published on your website built with Squarespace.

Our restaurant website online ordering system provides you with a powerful tool to expand your loyal customer base and, in the end, sell more. Design discounts and promotions to get more sales for your business. Utilize customer loyalty enhancing tools like digital stamps or point-based reward system that will make participation in loyalty programs even more comfortable.

Collecting stamps on paper loyalty card is inconvenient for your customers. Your employees and customers have to remember about them. Also, cards are often lost. But, with a digital solution, neither you nor your customers will have to keep track of them. All information is securely stored in the system.

Launch a restaurant reward program and build loyalty among your customers. UpMenu restaurant loyalty software works on your restaurant website built with Squarespace, as well as in the physical location and mobile app.

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SquareSpace integration

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