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Use a mobile ordering app to gain new
customers and increase revenue

Fast online food ordering app

45% of customers say they order food more often if the restaurant offers an online ordering option on their website or mobile app.

It’s the fastest way for ordering, that’s why 50% of smartphone users have at least one restaurant app installed.

Customize your restaurant app

The best restaurant apps are adjusted to the brand. With the UpMenu online ordering system, you can get your own personalized mobile application that will attract more online customers.

Customers can download the mobile app for online ordering from the App Store or Google Play with your brand logo.

Online payments in food ordering apps

Over 50% of online orders are paid cashless because it is such a convenient and quick option.

Get started with the UpMenu integration of payment features like Stripe and PayPal – earn more and don’t lose customers who pay online.

More orders with push notifications

Push notifications have over 90% open rate. That’s why it’s a great marketing channel to advertise online ordering to customers!

A food online order app from UpMenu allows you to send push notifications. Promoting online orders to customers can significantly increase sales.

Restaurant app for chains

The UpMenu online ordering system allows you to manage digital sales across the entire restaurant chain.

One online ordering application will be available for Android or iOS devices, and customers will simply be able to choose the restaurant from which they want to order.

User-friendly restaurant app builder

Customize your online ordering app appearance to fit your restaurant brand image with ease.

Get started with a straightforward restaurant app builder by UpMenu to arrange the layout and color scheme of your restaurant ordering application.

Additional tools of the UpMenu system will support your restaurant marketing activities with features like loyalty programs, credit card online payment option, and connected website with an online ordering system. They will help you build customer loyalty and increase the number of food delivery services and takeouts at your restaurant.

The UpMenu online ordering system also supports remote orders in restaurant chains. All you need is one application for organizing online ordering services in a restaurant chain. Customers will choose the location where they want to make the order, and it will be delivered directly to them.

What distinguishes UpMenu online ordering system among other restaurant order apps is a wide selection of additional tools that support the ordering process from the second your customer orders food online to the moment when the client receives delivery and rates the online order for food.

Restaurant mobile app could become an extra sales channel besides the online food ordering system on your restaurant website. It will make it easier for customers to place orders, while you can earn more on food delivery.

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Past few years have been quite productive for the mobile app industry. Nowadays we have apps for almost everything. They help us live an easier life by simplifying our daily activities. What is more, software engineers are working hard to help not only our households but also our businesses. Anyone who happens to run their own business knows that a little help from the technology might bring you some higher sales and improve the overall workflow of your business. This time we would like to focus on apps to order food. People are becoming more and more convenient that’s why it is so important to keep your restaurant business up-to-date and offer your customers the possibility to use a particular ordering app while placing an order with your eatery.

How to Choose from so Many Food Ordering Apps?

Yes, it is no secret that there are thousands of different apps for ordering food. Whether you are a restaurant owner or a customer, you need an ordering app. It will help you on so many levels. Actually, let the online food order app be one of the very first things that appear on your “to-do list” as a restaurant owner. It will definitely bring your business some notable earnings. Food establishments which do not offer their customers food ordering services are depriving themselves from new customers. Moreover, they might also loose the existing ones, because let’s face it – people like to order out as well. UpMenu system can definitely help you out with the design of your dream online food order app. What’s more, you can easily create an online ordering system for chain restaurants, so that you can control sales and orders in each of your food establishments.

Find a Restaurant App That Will Suit Your Needs

What are some of the features of a food ordering app for restaurants? It has to accept online payments. A significant number of customers (slightly over 50%) prefer to pay online while ordering their food. Why? Because it’s fast and more convenient. Furthermore, delivery people don’t have to worry about carrying too much cash on them. Another thing is that UpMenu online ordering system allows you to customize your restaurant app. You can easily adjust it to your needs. Ordering your food seems like a simple task, but thanks to the system’s interface, images and some great features, you can boost your restaurant’s revenue. If you add those pictures of that tasty-looking lasagna, you might make some people hungry! And that is the point, right? UpMenu offers you a free trial, so you can check it out and see for yourself. Let your customers enjoy your delicious food and then come back for more!

Dining Apps Will Help You Get Those New Customers

The best food ordering apps are the ones that are easy to use. Clean and visible content is something that we all love. Just like websites – the best ones are easy to navigate, right? UpMenu system offers you a user-friendly application builder, so you can work on the layout, colors and other visual aspects of your restaurant order apps. Diner apps are something worth checking out. You should also let your customers be able to order food from your restaurant’s website. Even though almost 50% of people have at least one food ordering app installed, there is still a significant number of people who do not use any apps and they would like to order some food but by using their computers. Do not forget about those people! Give your customers the possibility to order food through different channels.

Create the Best Restaurant App for Android

Apple products seem to be very popular among people, but you cannot forget about all the Android users. The best online food ordering apps work both on Androids and iPhones. In order to retain your customers, you ought to provide them with an online food delivery app, which can be easily downloaded from either an App Store or Google Play. UpMenu ordering system will allow your Android customers order food from your eatery, rate the service and more. Make sure to check it out, so you can start working on making those profits go up! Your restaurant should offer an online food delivery app for everyone! So that every customer can easily place an order, make a payment and enjoy the food! Simple as that!

Restaurant App for iPhone

There are hundreds of mobile food ordering apps. And almost 47% of the population in the United States use Apple products. This means your restaurant needs to work with apps that are compatible with iPhones and iPads, Android and Tablets. Now, you can download UpMenu from the App Store, add your restaurant’s logo, customize it anyway you wish to and start your online food ordering adventure. This particular ordering system will easily integrate with PayPal or Stripe, so there will be no problems with online payments. Give your customers the best food ordering experience, so that they will come back for more. The more you offer, the more you get! Once you set up an online food ordering system for your restaurant, you will definitely see all the advantages that come along with it. And if you already have a food ordering app, maybe it is high time to review it and see if there is anything else there can be done, in order to gain even more customers. A good restaurant ordering app is a very useful tool. You can easily boost your sales and gain new customers. UpMenu ordering system has many features that will help you with your business. Create your personalized mobile application and give your customers what they want! You can increase revenue in few simple steps! Start a free trial and see for yourself.

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