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Online food ordering system features

Check the possibilities of the UpMenu system and how it will help you boost online sales.


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Online food ordering system

Branded Android & iOS apps

? Get your own branded Android & IOS app listed on Google Play and App Store for a fraction of the development costs. Publishing process on Google Play and App Store may take up to 14 working days due to covid-19.
Mobile Apps

Website ordering

? Sell food online directly from your website. Free yourself from external portals and their commission fees.
Online Food Ordering System

Minimum order

? Optimize delivery cost. Change the minimum order value in real time for each delivery area.
More about minimum order value

Online payments

? Get customers paying cashlessly. Set up online payments with PayPal or Stripe.
More about payments
Available payment providers

Pre-order (future orders)

? Make ordering super convenient. Let customers order in advance and schedule delivery.
More about future ordering

Delivery settings (deliver, takeaway, onsite)

? Choose what suits and brings profit to your business: delivery, takeaway, or eating onsite.
More about delivery types

Precise food delivery zoning

? Set house number detail level delivery areas on interactive maps using both polygon and circle drawing modes
More about delivery zones

Custom checkout fields

? Do you need more information from the customer? Just add custom field in checkout form.
More about custom checkout fields

Package cost

? Optimize delivery costs. Add a package fee, which will be automatically added to the order.
Packaging cost management

Beautiful Imagery Menu

? Attract more customers - choose menu template and add photos of your dishes.
Customizing website layout


? Let customers customize their order and earn more with flexible modifiers options.
Managing menu items modifiers


? Calculate local taxes
More about taxes

Gratuities (tips)

? Customers can give tip (percentage or specific amount)
More about gratuity

Inventory / stock

? You can limit the number of products sold to a certain number (e.g. 10 per day)
More about inventory management

Order management via web

? Receive orders in real-time on a tablet or smartphone. It takes a few seconds.
Getting started with order management

Order management via dedicated IOS & Android app

? Try the dedicated app for iOS and Android. Receive orders on your smartphone easier than anyone.
Mobile application for receiving orders

Order printing

? Improve work in your restaurant with automatic receipt printouts with order details.
More about printing orders

Exceptions during working hours

? Set exceptions to manage breaks in taking orders. Ordering will be restored automatically.
More about special opening hours

Multi locations (Restaurant chain)

? UpMenu supports multi location restaurants (restaurant chains). Each location have their own menu, delivery ares, address, discounts etc. You can have also shared menu or shared prices.
More about restaurant chains

Multi language

? UpMenu is available in English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Armenian, Swedish, Spanish, Spanish (Latin American), Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Arabic, Czech, Slovak, Faroese
More about multi language



? Build a great website for your restaurant, for free, using UpMenu restaurant website themes.
More about website builder

Branded look&feel

? Customize the look of the website to your brand. Add photos, your content and menu.
More about website builder

Beautiful Templates

? Choose from the many free restaurant website themes and easily adjust them to the brand.
Website themes

Responsive Design

? Your customers will be able to conveniently order on any device thanks to responsive website design.
Getting started with UpMenu website

Secure (SSL)

? Your customers can feel safe. Your new website has an SSL certificate for your domain.
More about security system

SEO friendly

? Be higher in SERP search results with our restaurant website themes optimized for SEO.
More about SEO settings


? UpMenu is cloud based service. You don't need any extra hosting provider

Custom domain

? You can run UpMenu store on domain of your choice
How to install UpMenu on your own domain

Website analytics

? Track conversion online ordering and add external analytical tools like Google Analytics.
How to install Google Analytics

Social plugins

? Add social media plugins to your website and increase the number of followers.
More about social media links

Advanced code editor for web developers

? Manage and adjust your website even better, thanks to advanced code editor for web devs.
More about code editor

Marketing & CRM

Discount Engine

? You can increase sales by creating new offers and schedule them or run in real time.
More about promotions and discounts

Advanced Discount Engine

? You can configure variety of discount options for your restaurant customers
More about constant discount for a customer


? Reward your customers and apologize for bad experience with custom discount coupons.
More about discount coupons

Up-selling & Cross-selling

? Increase the value of your customers' orders with up-selling and cross-sellig features.

Product recommendations

? Influence the sale of products by recommending them on the website and in the menu.
More about menu item recommendations

Mobile app only offers

? Drive your customers to our mobile app running special app-only discounts and promotions.
More about creating discount coupons

Multi-Channel Campaign Manager (Email, SMS, Push)

? Reach your customers by sending them email, SMS and push campaigns in an easy way.
More about marketing campaigns

Marketing automation

? Keep in touch with customers and increase sales through automated messages.
More about marketing automation

Database of Customers

? You collect all customers data and orders history to improve future sales
More about customer data management

Database of marketing consents (newsletter)

? You collect online marketing consent to market your services for renewed sales
More about subscribers

Feedback system

Feedback system

? Find out how customers rate you. Each of them will be asked for review after ordering.
More about customer reviews

Feedback response (via Email & SMS)

? Thank your customers and apologize if something went wrong. Send them an SMS or email.

Loyalty program

Loyalty System

? Encourage customers to order more often with the loyalty program & reward system.
More about loyalty program

Customizable reward system

? You decide for what and how you will reward your clients. Set all conditions and just start.
See example configurations

Customizable layout

? Adjust the look of the loyalty program to your brand image and website colors.
More about creating a loyalty program

Online & offline support

? Whether customers order online or in a restaurant - they can be part of your loyalty program.
More about adding and removing points


POS integrations

? Receive orders even faster. Integrate your POS with online ordering system.
More about POS integrations

Delivery system integrations

? Manage deliveries and online ordering even easier. Integrate your delivery system with UpMenu.
More about delivery integrations


Advanced Reporting

? Get access to all online sales results and your campaigns. Make data driven decisions.
More about summary reports

Customer history

? Collect customer data to create personalized offers. Build loyalty and increase sales.
More about customer’s order history


Branded Android & iOS apps - on restaurant developer Google Play & App Store account

? We can launch applications on your Google Play and App Store accounts. UpMenu needs access to the accounts where you want the apps to be installed. Creating and maintaining the accounts (App Store is extra paid in Apple) is on the part of the Client
More about app configuration

Unbranded UpMenu

? You have an option for online menus to not bear UpMenu logo.


No comission

? Run online ordering without paying a constantly increasing commission.
See pricing details

No setup fee

? You don't need to pay any additional fee to start
Getting started with UpMenu


Help center

? How to use UpMenu explained in short articles
Visit UpMenu Help center

Chat support

? Do you need quick help? Write to us in the chat, we will help in a few moments.
Visit contact page

Email support

? You can always write to us by email for additional information.

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