Digital food ordering Let your customers order food from your restaurant via the Internet

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Sell your food through your own website

Digital food ordering system is a method for selling food directly through the restaurant website and restaurant mobile app.

Find your online food ordering portal alternative and develop your restaurant brand online.

Facebook page of Ninjagrill
Facebook page of Ninjagrill

Facebook ordering system

Your customers spend plenty of time on social media. Use this potential and launch a Facebook ordering system. With the above, your customers will be able to place orders without leaving Facebook, while you’ll increase the number of digital food delivery orders at your restaurant.

Easy order collection

Orders can be collected on any device with access to the internet. The UpMenu digital food ordering system comes with its own administrative panel where you can collect orders with just one click.

Digital food ordering will help you save your time and the time of your employees. Forget about busy telephone lines during rush hours and errors in orders recorded over the phone.

accepting orders
setting delivery regions

Delivery zones of your choice

Due to a simple to use digital module for managing deliveries in digital food ordering, you can quite literally draw them on a map. You can set a different delivery cost and minimum order value for each of them. Things couldn’t get any simpler!

Simple configuration of the menu

Digital food ordering system will enable you to edit the menu in the UpMenu system at any time without any technical skills. All changes will be visible on the restaurant website and in the restaurant mobile application immediately, while you save time and money.

managing product groups
Stripe payment desktop example

Online payments

Did you know that over 50% of customers pay without using cash? Launch online payments and never lose customers again when they don’t carry cash. Greater convenience for customers means more orders and bigger profit for you.

Printing orders

The Digital food ordering system enables you to print orders on any receipt printer.

order printer
menu integrated with Ninjagrill website

Easy implementation and quick start

The UpMenu digital food ordering system comes from over 10 years of experience in the restaurant market. This is why you can launch your own digital food ordering system within a few days, while implementation on your restaurant website is very easy.

If you don’t have a website yet, use our restaurant website builder.

Automated reports and conscious decisions

Thanks to the reports generated by the UpMenu igital food ordering system automatically, you will have greater control over the restaurant. Use the reports to make business decisions based on hard data and increase the profits at your restaurant.

Dashboard panel with sales statistics

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