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Go digital! Use online ordering
to make money

The number of digital orders has grown 23% annually since 2013. By 2020, it will increase threefold. Use it and earn more!
Run a restaurant digital ordering system on your restaurant website.
Facebook page of Ninjagrill
Facebook page of Ninjagrill

Your own restaurant mobile app

Currently, 6 out of 10 digital orders are being made using the mobile app. As many as 70% of them come from own restaurant applications!
Give your customers a comfortable ordering option and launch a restaurant mobile app.

Easy digital orders management

Receive orders with one click, store secure order and customer details.
Run a restaurant digital ordering system, save time and money.
accepting orders
setting delivery regions

Precise set up of delivery zones and menu

Edit delivery areas at any time by simply clicking on the map – these are true digital deliveries.
You can also easily make changes to the menu. Your customers will see them in real time!
Stripe payment desktop example

Online payments

56% of all payments are made online. Everybody likes to pay online, it’s convenient.
The restaurant digital ordering system allows just that. And you can prepare the order and be sure it’s paid.

Data-driven decisions in your restaurant

Use the automatic reports UpMenu generates to build a data-driven business.
Check which products sell best, when and who orders them. This data will help you make better decisions.
Dashboard panel with sales statistics

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