Fast food online ordering system Increase sales and save money. Let your customers order fast food through your website and mobile application.

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Instant order placing

When you are running fast food online ordering, time is your primary goal. Placing orders must be quick and convenient.

31% of customers are more likely to order food online if it's fast. The UpMenu system will make that possible.

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Online fast food ordering mobile app

Mobile phone food ordering will be a market worth $38 billion by 2020. Why? Because it's fast and convenient.

Launch the mobile application and let your customers order fast food online wherever they are!

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Fast orders receiving

With the UpMenu online fast food delivery system you will receive your order in 2 seconds. It's literally one click. No more answering the phone and taking orders.

You’ll find all order information on the dashboard. You can also use a special application and receive orders on your smartphone!

Delivery zone settings

Problems with managing delivery zones? The UpMenu system will help you set delivery zones directly on a map.

Add the minimum order value and delivery cost. Increase profits and optimize delivery costs of online fast food orders.

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Menu management

Do you know what else is fast with a fast food online ordering system? Menu management. Save your time and money.

Edit menu without the help of IT specialists. All changes will instantly be visible on the website and mobile app.

Quick online payments

Since placing orders is super-fast, paying for them should be even faster. Over 50% of bills are already paid with online ordering.

Take advantage of our integration with Stripe and PayPal. Let your customers pay conveniently online and earn more.

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Automatic order printing

Make your and your employees' work more effective. Use automatic print outs from the fast food online ordering system.

Orders print themselves so you can serve your restaurant’s on site customers faster. Everyone is happy.

Try it risk free, without obligations.