Ordering system for fast food Let your customers order fast food through your website and mobile application

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An online food ordering system, that will make it possible for your customers to order fast food really quickly

When you sell fast food, one of your primary goals is to improve work efficiency at your restaurant or food truck. Orders made by phone will simply not do.

The UpMenu system will make it possible for your customers to order food in just few easy steps and you can collect the orders quickly at your restaurant.

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A Restaurant mobile application for your fast food restaurant

Do you want to move one step further? Launch your own restaurant mobile app and show your customers that it is possible to order even faster, wherever they are. Increase the number of orders and your profit.

Fast food ordering system on Facebook

Did you know that most of your customers are on Facebook? It’s a great marketing tool! Use its potential and launch A Facebook ordering system.

Your customers will have the possibility of ordering their favourite food without having to leave social media.

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Collect orders faster than ever

The UpMenu system will make it possible to collect orders with just one click. You don’t have to answer the phone and note down all the requests from the customer. All order information can be found in the UpMenu administrative panel.

Manage deliveries in one place

Did you ever have a problem with defining delivery zones? The UpMenu system will help you set delivery zones directly on a map. You can also add the minimum order value and delivery cost for each of them. Everything is done conveniently in one place.

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Manage the entire menu

How else can we help you save your time? Imagine that you could edit all the information on the menu in the online food ordering system without the help of IT professionals. All changes will be visible on the restaurant website and in the restaurant mobile application immediately.

Let your customers pay online

Are you losing customers who don’t carry cash with them? Give them the possibility of quick online payments in the online food ordering system. The more customers you have, the bigger your profits!

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Printing orders

The UpMenu system will help you print orders on a receipt printer, automatically.

Launch your online food ordering system now!

Together with UpMenu, you will launch the online food ordering system, so you can quickly start selling online. Simple implementation on a restaurant website will help you launch online orders within a short period. If you don’t have a website, we will help you build it.

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Generate reports automatically

The UpMenu system will generate reports automatically, presenting the online sales results for your restaurant.

Based on the reports, you can make better business decisions and increase your profit!

Try it risk free, without obligations.