Pizza ordering system Let your customers order their favourite pizza through your website and mobile application

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Your customers like to order via the internet. Launch an online food ordering system!

Online ordering is now the standard for every pizza place that offers food delivery. Don’t fall behind – launch your own online ordering system today and give your customers an easy way to place orders via the internet!

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Be closer to them with your own mobile application for restaurants

Would you like to build customer loyalty and become their first choice whenever they crave pizza? Launch your own mobile app for your restaurant and be present on your customers’ smartphones. Sell more than before thanks to this great new sales channel and remind your customers via push notifications.

Recommend new toppings for your pizzas and increase your profit!

Thanks to the possibility of changing the pizza toppings and sizes in the UpMenu system, your customers will be able to compose their favourite tastes just like in your restaurant. They will order more and you will earn more – it’s that easy!

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Online orders directly from Facebook

Facebook is a great marketing tool. Did you realise that most of your customers are there? Sell food through the Facebook food ordering system and increase your profit.

Customers will then have the possibility of ordering food at your restaurant without having to close Facebook!

Quick order collection

Think how much time your employees will save when they can collect an order with just one click, instead of answering the phone.

Forget about busy telephone lines and errors in orders. Now, all information can be found in the administrative panel of the UpMenu system.

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Managing delivery zones

When you manage a food delivery service it is important to be able to change delivery zones and delivery costs in an easy way.

The UpMenu system will help you manage everything in one place, at any time!

Easy menu editing – without the assistance of a programmer!

Change your menu in the online food ordering system all in one convenient place and at any time. All new information will be published immediately. Without specialised knowledge or waiting for the services of a programmer and paying for it!

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Earn more with online payments!

Are you losing customers who don’t carry cash with them? This will never happen again! Let them pay conveniently via the internet. The UpMenu system offers completely new sales opportunities!

Printing orders

The UpMenu system will help you print orders on a receipt printer, automatically.

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Easy implementation and fast launch

UpMenu system offers quick implementation and launch of online ordering. If you need a website, we will create one specially for your restaurant.

All you need to do is provide your food delivery service, we will handle order management.

Reports that are generated automatically

The UpMenu system will generate reports with key information regarding online orders at your restaurant, automatically.

This will make it easier for you to make conscious business decisions, and earn more!

Dashboard panel with sales statistics

Try it risk free, without obligations.