What is included in the service?

We will take care of advertising your restaurant on Google:

  • Market and competition analysis
  • Choosing the right keywords
  • Preparation of advertising content
  • Preparation of graphic and video materials
  • Configuration of the tools necessary for the implementation of the service
  • Launching, analyzing and optimizing the campaign
  • Detailed report
  • Google advertising on three channels:

Google search advertising (sponsored links)

Advertising on Google Partners websites (display campaign)

Advertising of Google Business Profile in search engine results and on Google maps (local advertising)

What are the benefits of the service?

The purpose of the Google campaign is to obtain online orders.

In other words, the campaign should pay itself and bring you higher turnover.

See sample calculations for each package

 Basic budgetOptimal budgetAdvanced budget
“Number of visits to the website
(at a cost per click of $1)”
Number of orders (with a conversion rate of 10%)60100200
“Advertising revenue
(with an average order of $50)”

The above calculations are estimates only and depend on many factors, such as average order value, location, type of food, etc. Make your calculations based on your data.

How is the service provided?

  • You request the service here
  • You upload all materials and you will be automatically redirected to a form that will ask you for all the materials we need to provide the service (see below what data we need so you can prepare it in advance)
  • We launch the campaign
  • After the first month of advertising, you will receive an active report that allows you to analyze the effects of the campaign
  • How long does the service take and when can I expect results?
  • We will launch the campaign within 3-5 working days from purchasing the service and submitting the materials.
  • Within 30 days of launching the campaign, you can expect to see the first results.

What are the conditions?

  • You have a restaurant website
  • You have online orders from UpMenu (you are an UpMenu customer)

What is the minimum duration of the service?

The minimum duration of the service is 3 months, payable monthly.

Currently, services are not automatically renewed. Each month, you will receive a link to pay for another month.

How do we report the results of the service?

You’ll get access to a real-time updated report with information about the expenses incurred on the campaign, the number of clicks, the orders generated and their turnover.

See an example of the report:

Terms of Service