What is included in the service?

We will run sales campaigns aimed at increasing the number of orders at your restaurant using discount codes

The service includes:

  • Configuration and sending of 2 email campaigns, 2 SMS campaigns and 2 push campaigns each month according to this schedule

Topic of campaignWife appreciation day Multiplication table dayCAPS LOCK dayErgonomics day Day of the absurd Santa ClausNew year

  • Preparation of content and graphic materials (theme)
  • Configuration of a discount coupon on your website
  • Detailed report with the results of the campaign

Example of an email campaign:

Example of an SMS campaign:

Example of a push campaign:

What are the benefits of the service?

  • Increase the number of orders
  • More free time (you no longer have to think about how to prepare a campaign and notify customers)
  • Greater customer loyalty due to constant communication
  • Winning back customers who haven’t placed orders in a while

How is the service provided?

  • You request the service here
    You set the value and type of discount coupon that you want to use in the campaign
  • We send the campaign
  • Each month you get a link to a report with the sales results of the campaign

How long does the service take and when can I expect results?

The campaign is sent twice a month according to this schedule

Within 2-5 days after the campaign is sent, you can expect new orders

What are the conditions?

  • You have online orders from UpMenu (you are an UpMenu customer)
  • You must have at least 500 consents for email, SMS or push (you must have the UpMenu mobile app for ordering) marketing communications — link to the database where it can be checked
  • Creation of a voucher worth at least 10% or $5
  • You have less than 250 orders

What is the minimum duration of the service?

The minimum duration of the service is 3 months, paid monthly.

Terms of service