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We help restaurants sell and increase their revenue

Our Mission

We help restaurants sell and increase their revenue. We do it by online ordering, supporting your restaurant’s brand, our knowledge of the foodservice market, and our knowledge of the problems and needs of restaurant owners. We are the market leader in online ordering directly from websites.

What we do

UpMenu is an online ordering system for restaurants that is available in a subscription model. In a nutshell, our system allows a restaurant to start selling food online quickly and efficiently directly from the restaurant’s website. We provide restaurants with a specialized online store. We are like Shopify but for restaurants. UpMenu supports the restaurant’s brand and we build websites for restaurants which are essential tools for online marketing. Our system offers several marketing tools like email campaigns, SMS, marketing automation, promotions, and discount coupons that support the marketing activities of the restaurant.

What is important to us

The most important and valuable things for us in business and life are trust, understanding, and honesty. They are the foundation on which we base and build our company, relationships with our customers, and with each other. We treat our team and clients as partners. The success of each team member and each client is our success. We are big fans of permanent personal development, but also balance in business and life. We develop our company according to the spirit of Lean: in a versatile way through continuous learning and experience. We get satisfaction from it.

Our vision

When a restaurant owner or a manager thinks about developing their restaurant brand and increasing sales, UpMenu will be their second thought.

We’ve gone a long way

UpMenu was founded in February 2012, but our experience in the foodservice industry goes back much earlier. We worked with our first restaurants back in 2008 creating food ordering websites for them. That was when our interest in the foodservice industry began. In 2012 we found a partner and investor with 20 years of experience with whom we have been developing the company ever since.