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Restaurant ebooks to download

Increase food deliveries, thanks to these tips on how to use an online food ordering system and restaurant marketing.

How to create a restaurant business plan (Ebook)

Preparing a business plan is the foundation of any marketing strategy and doubles your chances of succeeding in opening your own restaurant. The currently dominant minimalist trend suggests that we desire simplicity combined with a need for high quality actions and results.

Increase your food deliveries with a loyalty program (Ebook)

Find out about the benefits of the UpMenu loyalty program and reward system. See for yourself that this really is the best way to develop customer loyalty. With a loyalty program, your guests will order more and more often, and the points they accrue will make them feel important and appreciated.

Best food promotion ideas for restaurant (Ebook)

There are countless options for creating food promotion offers. The trick is to skilfully use them and adapt them to your specific customers. We hope you will use our tips and that they will be helpful. See why does your restaurant need a promotion engine in an online food ordering system?

How will a mobile application for restaurant increase your sales? (Ebook)

Find out why it’s worth taking one more step towards new technologies to make it possible for your customers to order food through a mobile application for restaurants. Mobile apps are really changing the restaurant market and we are convinced they will also change your business for the better. What steps should you take to speed up this process?

10 steps after launching an online food ordering system (Ebook)

We have prepared this eBook especially for you to show you the steps you need to take when starting your adventure with the online ordering system, either on your restaurant website, or through the mobile app. In order to fully take advantage of the possibilities given by this solution, you should do a few more things at the beginning.

Restaurant Facebook page – 14 golden rules (Ebook)

Have you ever thought about using Facebook or it being a great tool for online restaurant marketing? We have prepared this ebook just for you, so that you can see what steps should be taken when starting or continuing the adventure of promoting your restaurant on Facebook.
We have created these ebooks with you the restaurateur in mind. In them you will find a lot of tips on a variety of subjects. We share our knowledge about restaurant marketing, creating business plans and motivating employees; we suggest how to get the most out of food ordering portals and how to make money from your restaurant loyalty program software. In each book, we include helpful advice from our experts and professionals.
What will you will find out about the strengths of UpMenu from our ebooks? The first and unique strength is a reliable online food ordering system that we offer to owners and restaurant managers. Forget about the lack of time and poor organisation in your restaurant. Don’t let your customers be met with a constantly busy telephone line. Sell online! In our books, we describe in detail the benefits of an online food ordering system that operates under your own brand and works from your own website.

Each piece of advice in these ebooks will be of use to an owner, a marketing specialist and a restaurant manager alike. If you want to get off to a good start with your new business, or are planning to expand it with effective marketing, UpMenu is there with useful advice for you. Increase your sales with an online food ordering system. Start earning more with online orders. Let your customers order food from your website or through your restaurant’s mobile application.