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QR Code Food Ordering, right from the table

Enable ordering and paying directly from the table to give service staff a hands, improve safety and increase average order size.

Streamline operations and improve customer service

QR code food ordering lets clients order their meals right from their phones, which saves time, increases efficiency and improves the customer experience

  • No hardware required: diners order from their own phone
  • Improve table turnover
  • Less staff required and reduces labor costs
  • Level up your customer service to boost your revenue
  • Increases tipping by up to 20%

Run dine-in ordering in minutes

How does QR Code food ordering and paying work? It’s easy as ABC

  1. Your UpMenu online ordering page is already published by default
  2. Generate and print your QR codes and place them on your tables
  3. Diners can then scan them to open your ordering page.

Your own branded digital menu

Stop printing every time you add a new menu item or want to change a price.

Digitize your paper menu with UpMenu.

  • Instantly update prices, photos, and menu items
  • No printing required
  • Mobile-friendly menu for quick ordering
  • Diner feedback is collected automatically

Not just for tables

Rely on QR code ordering to work beyond just food ordering at tables. Make your services available anywhere you offer them, and that can include:

That includes:

  • Tables in restaurants
  • Room numbers in hotels
  • Parking bay numbers in car parks
  • Villa or house numbers at holiday resorts

We did the math

Don’t keep your clients waiting – let them order as they please with QR code ordering and see an increase of 30% in check size, 25% in monthly revenue, and 20 minutes fewer spent on delivery.

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Increase in check size
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increase in monthly revenue
minute decrease in delivery time

We got you covered!

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