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Restaurant Menu Management System

UpMenu is the all-in-one restaurant menu management software that lets restaurant operators and owners manage menus across all locations and ordering channels with just a few clicks.

electronic menu management system - an example from menu editor
menu management software - an example from menu editor

One Menu For All Ordering Channels and Menu Types

  • Restaurant website digital menus
  • Dine-in QR code contactless menus 
  • Tableside menus
  • Website online ordering menus 
  • Contactless menus

Easy-to-use Menu Builder

  • Powerful modifier management with custom modifiers
  • Adjust menu pricing with multiple prices schemes
  • Multi-location menu management on a single platform
  • Easy menu updates with multiple menus
  • Delivery, Takeaway, and Dine-In restaurant menus
  • Nutrition and calorie tables for menu items to help customers who have dietary restrictions
menu management software - an example of menu editor

Over 20 themes to build your website in minutes

Create and modify your menu with over 20 menu design templates to make your menu your own.

  • Customize your menu’s colors, fonts, and layout
  • Use our no-code menu editor to make changes to your menu
  • Choose menu designs that convert visitors into customers
restaurant menu management software - an example of menu editor

Increase Sales with Upselling Tools

  • Menu discounts & coupons
  • Menu item recommendations
  • Upselling & cross-selling tools
  • Sell non-food items like gift cards

Reporting & Analytics

  • Make business decisions based on collected menu data
  • Generate reports on customer satisfaction
  • Check revenue from in-store and online orders
  • Compare reports from your other restaurant business locations
menu management software - an example of analytics and reports
menu management system for restaurants - an example virtual restaurant ordering

Build Virtual Restaurants

  • Reduce labor costs of in-venue dining 
  • Run ghost kitchens through the online menu delivery platform
  • Earn more revenue with takeout orders and delivery orders
  • Customers order online for delivery or pickup, and you reduce potential human error

Why Restaurants Love Our Menu Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A menu management system is a software tool used in the restaurant to create, manage and customize menus across all selling channels and multiple locations in restaurant chains. With UpMenu restaurant menu app, you can edit your menu items and update prices without having to start from scratch, which can save time and money.

  • One menu for all selling channels and all menu types
  • Updating menu items and prices in real-time
  • No need to reprint menus after each change
  • Built-in online ordering and pos system 
  • Optimal digital menu experience for guests
  • Integrated pos systems for taking online payments
  1. Menu customization: A menu management system allows restaurants to easily customize their menus and pricing in real-time, which can help them adapt to changing customer preferences and dietary requirements.
  2. Consistency across selling channels: Restaurants are able to maintain a consistent menu and pricing across different channels where customers can place orders, such as in-store, online, or through third-party delivery services.
  3. Consistency across locations: For restaurant chains with multiple locations, a menu management system provides a centralized platform to ensure consistency across menus.
  4. Inventory management: A menu management system may include features like inventory tracking and recipe management, which can help restaurants optimize their operations and reduce waste.

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