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Get up to 20% commission

UpMenu is everything a restaurant needs to be able to receive their customers’ orders directly from a website or their app. Introduce your clients or audience to UpMenu and earn up to 20% recurring revenue for every UpMenu referral.


Who can join?

The UpMenu Affiliate Program is available to anyone who has a large food business audience or who works primarily with food businesses. If this sounds like you, then the UpMenu Affiliate Program could be the perfect solution to boost your recurring income.

You regularly write content or speak about the food industry

  • Bloggers
  • Youtubers
  • Influencers

You work primarily with food businesses

  • Marketing agencies
  • Freelance website designers & marketers
  • Restaurant staff

How does it work?

1. Join the program

Register for free as an affiliate

2. Get a link

Copy the link from your partner account

3. Promote UpMenu

Advertise UpMenu in your audience

4. Earn money

Get 20% lifetime commissions in monthly payments

Easy to start

Bring your customers or audience more value by promoting UpMenu

  • Get affiliate link and start earning in 2 minutes
  • You’ll get handy resources and training materials
  • A dedicated UpMenu expert will be on hand to support you

Dedicated partner app

You get dedicated partner app to manage your campaigns and earnings

  • Easy payouts every month
  • Track clicks, sign-ups and earnings with regular reports

“As it turns out, not every online order works, the new site from UpMenu and their system made everything finally work as it should!”

~ Łukasz Błażejewski – Owner of the 7th Street Grill & Bar

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is free to join and allows you to monetize your audience or customers and earn commissions from each new UpMenu merchant referral.

Introduce your clients to UpMenu and you can earn 20% recurring revenue for every UpMenu referral.

  • 16,5% for every of 1 to 9 restaurants or shops

  • 20% for restaurants or shops when you have acquired 10 or more paying customers (the increased commission is counted also for customers 1 through 9)


    • 9 customers x $49 x 16,5% = $73 recurring monthly commission

    • 10 customers x $49 x 20% = $98 recurring monthly commission

    • 60 customers x $89 x 20% = $1068 recurring monthly commission

After registration, you get your unique affiliate link which will track all of your referrals. When you talk to your audience about UpMenu, always use your unique affiliate link. Our tracking cookies last 60 days, meaning that if a visitor clicks on the affiliate link posted on your website (or video, email etc.), then you will be credited with the referral as long as the visitor signs up for a trial within 60 days. When that user becomes a paying customer, you will earn a recurring commission.

Yes. Resources and training materials are available in your partner app.

Yes. You have to be an entrepreneur to participate in the partner program.

The commission is paid out monthly on the 15th of each month for all the active subscriptions in the preceding month.

UpMenu is used by 7600+ restaurant owners globally

Know-how to get started

Read actionable insights and tips for affiliate partners

Sign up to become a UpMenu affiliate partner

Introduce your clients to UpMenu and earn up to 20% recurring revenue for every UpMenu referral