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Restaurant CRM System

All your guests data and order history in one place. Our CRM software for restaurants streamlines all aspects of your operations, from reservations and customer data to inventory management and marketing. Try it out today and see the difference it can make for your restaurant!

Restaurant CRM System

Find out who your customers are

By collecting data on your customers, you can gain valuable insights into their preferences and behaviors. This information can help you tailor your marketing campaigns and sales strategies to better meet their needs, and ultimately drive more business to your restaurant.

  • Easily collect customer data
  • Manage all the clients from one database
  • Entire history of clients orders
  • Calculate customer lifetime value
  • You’ll never need dozens of spreadsheets

Create precise marketing campaigns

Get to know your customers better and easily create personalized marketing campaigns. Our CRM System allows you to create various promotions and track the success of your campaigns, so you can see which one are resonating with your customers.

  • Offer promotions for food that customers order most often
  • Test new products and collect data
  • Create campaigns on the most effective days and hours
Create Marketing Campaigns with UpMenu
UpMenu Loyalty Program

Built-in loyalty program

Gamify the diner experience by setting loyalty programs to improve the customer engagement. With our integrated programs, customers can earn rewards for every visit or purchase they make at your restaurant. These rewards can be customized to suit your business, such as free meals, discounts or exclusive offers.

  • Encourage clients to order more frequently
  • Enhanced diners retention and loyalty
  • Increase revenue and reduce churn

Track diners metrics & statistics

Track all your orders with our restaurant CRM to make more informed business decisions and optimize your operations for maximum efficiency and profitability. By having a clear understanding of your restaurant’s operations, you can make the necessary changes to boost your bottom line.

  • Find out where your customers come from
  • Accurately measure conversions
  • Create reports and draw conclusions
Track Metrics & Statistics with UpMenu

See the Restaurant CRM System in action

Sign up with UpMenu today and see how easy it is to manage customer data, retain customers, and grow your revenue with the best CRM for restaurants.

Why Restaurateurs Choose UpMenu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A restaurant customer relationship management system is a software tool that helps restaurants manage their customer interactions and data. It allows restaurants to track customer information, sales, and marketing efforts, and use the data to improve their operations and increase profits.

A restaurant CRM system can benefit your business in several ways, such as increase customer retention, improve inventory management, streamline operations, increase online sales, improve marketing and sales efforts, and gain valuable insights into customer preferences and spending habits.

CRM for restaurant integrated with UpMenu can provide many benefits for your daily operations. It allows for seamless data flow and tracking across different areas of the business such as customer behavior, sales, inventory, and marketing. This can help to improve efficiency and decision-making by providing a holistic view of the business. It also enables automation of tasks, such as sending targeted marketing campaigns, which can save time and resources. Additionally, an integrated CRM solution is connected with online ordering system that gives you better data as restaurant owner and easier option to placing orders for your clients.

Our CRM system automatically collects customer data when placing an online order through the restaurant’s website. However, if you have an external customer database, you can upload it using a prepared CSV file.

Restaurant CRM software can help increase revenue by improving customer retention, inventory management and optimizing marketing and sales efforts. By tracking customer information, it can identify and target the most loyal customers and incentivize repeat business through loyalty programs and personalized promotions. Additionally, inventory management feature can help optimize inventory levels and reduce waste, which can lead to cost savings and increase revenue. Furthermore, by analyzing customer data and trends, the restaurant CRM software can optimize marketing and sales efforts, resulting in increased revenue, better ROI and attracting new customers.

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