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Build a restaurant website
with an online ordering feature

User-friendly restaurant website builder

Thanks to the UpMenu restaurant website builder, you can create a highly effective internet site for your business. You can make it on your own, without the assistance of IT specialists, technical skills, or the necessity to spend much.

The restaurant website created with UpMenu builder will be mobile responsive and optimized for search engines. With our solution, you will build a website for restaurant brand in no time.

Web design with the website builder for restaurants

Create a website for your restaurant however you like. Add photos, news articles, or write blog posts. You can show your employees and kitchen space. Website builder for restaurants gives you many opportunities to publish enticing content. Easy to use drag and drop method will make sections layout customization easier than ever. Best website builder from UpMenu will help you design content on your website just the way you want it to be presented.

Create a restaurant website with online ordering feature

UpMenu restaurant websites are fully integrated with the online food ordering system and online booking system. Get all essential features for online sales on restaurant websites in one place. Accommodate a convenient online ordering system and let your customers place online orders directly through your restaurant website. Also, with easy to use table reservations method, they will get the possibility to book a table in a matter of clicks.

Adjust restaurant website layout to your brand image

The restaurant website builder by UpMenu enables you to customize your website at will. You can change the layout of published menus and content sections, adjust photos and colors, or modify articles at any time.

Create a website for restaurants that will encourage new customers to place online orders and make table reservations at a premise. Get more traffic and sales without technical skills or the expensive support of IT experts.

Build website for restaurant that will collect traffic

When you build restaurant website with UpMenu, you get access to additional marketing tools. Promote your website, online ordering, and table booking features using:

  • Automated collection of customer reviews
  • Discount vouchers
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Advanced promotion module
  • Loyalty programs
  • SMS, and push campaigns
  • Email marketing automation

Free hosting and SSL certificate

Restaurant websites created with the UpMenu website builder, get free hosting and an SSL security certificate. Publish a built website on any domain address and get a secure solution without discarding established domain name.

Focus on managing your restaurant and leave the technical matters to us. This is the best solution for restaurant owners that would like to be in the driver’s seat of the website management but lack technical skills.

Best restaurant website features – automatically generated reports

The UpMenu restaurant website builder is a comprehensive solution that will help you make strategic decisions based on hard data. The system collects information about all processed online orders, booked tables, and generated web traffic. Thanks to reports generated from this knowledge repository, you get access to extensive data to base your marketing efforts upon. Data-driven decisionsare key to success for any restaurant owner that plans to get more online orders.

Restaurant website builder SEO capabilities

Website builder for restaurants by UpMenu develops web pages that are optimized for better ranking in search engines. Also, responsive design ensures proper display on mobile devices – a huge factor in today’s web rankings as more and more users access the internet through smartphones and tablets.

Create the best restaurant website and populate it with engaging content with SERP positioning in mind. Get more traffic on your brands homepage thanks to SEO-friendly solutionsincorporated in our restaurant website builder.

Restaurant website builder from UpMenu is a comprehensive set of easy to use tools that will support the creation of a web page for your establishment. You can customize the layout and design of the website with a simple drag and drop system. Moreover, you can manage the content structure and change the color scheme to fit your brand image in a matter of clicks. The best restaurant website should have image correspondent with brand logo and interiors design. Furthermore, internet sites should be optimized for search engines and mobile display ratios to reach more potential customers.

Automated marketing tools are another great addition that makes UpMenu contestant for the title of best website builder for restaurants. The system is collecting feedback and crucial information about your customers and builds an extensive database. Thanks to built-in email marketing automation you can communicate with your client base without the need to write personally on every email address. UpMenu will generate and send messages with customizable content. You can also reach your customers through PUSH notifications or SMS.

What distinguishes UpMenu solution among other website builders is built-in integration with an online ordering system. Thanks to it you are capable of handling online orders right from the moment of publishing the internet site created with our restaurant website builder. Moreover, your customers get simultaneous access to the table booking feature of this solution. Both of these are a must-have for restaurant owners that would like to participate in the ever-growing digital food ordering market. Get ahead of the competition with a solution that integrates restaurant website builder with an online ordering system- UpMenu.

If you are still wondering how to make a website for a restaurant – Try out a free trial for UpMenu online ordering system that features a comprehensive restaurant website builder. Get access to all functionalities during the tryout period and check how easily you can create a website for restaurant with a wide selection of responsive templates. If you are a restaurant owner that would like to reach new clients with an online ordering feature – UpMenu restaurant website builder will be the solution for you.