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Food online ordering for restaurants

Launch a commission-free restaurant ordering system and reduce delivery portal costs up to 70%. Decide on fixed costs per month for your restaurant business
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examples of mobile applications for online ordering system

Branded mobile app

Increase sales and get up to 20% more online orders thanks to the branded mobile app for restaurants. Make your business available on every device.
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Free restaurant website builder

Build a website for a restaurant ordering using free UpMenu templates in 5 minutes and watch conversions increase up to 40%. No coding skills required. Gather more traffic to your restaurant business webpage.
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Table booking system

60% of customers would like to book a table online – let them. Forget about abandoned reservations thanks to the pre-ordering option in app. Try it for free.
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loyalty program created by restaurant online ordering system

Loyalty program & reward system

Loyal customers spend 67% more when online ordering food than average. Reward them. Forget paper cards with stamps. Go digital, both online with a dedicated app or website, and at a restaurant and sell more food orders online.
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Customers rating and reviews panel in restaurant online ordering system

Customer feedback system

Start listening to customers ordering food online. Automatically collect reviews. Keep improving the quality of your food and service.
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Monthly costs of restaurant online ordering system

Fixed cost per month

With UpMenu system finances of your restaurant business are secure. Decide on our solution with a fixed fee per month. Protect the revenue of your business with the solution that gives you full control over costs per month.
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Restaurant marketing tools

Up-selling & cross-selling

Boost your every order value and earn more using recommend dishes and addons to them.

Promotion engine

Get more customers thanks to easily set promotions for online orders in your restaurant.

Multi-channel campaign manager

Increase sales in the short term by sending email, SMS and push campaigns.

Marketing automation

Engage customers and save time with automation options for sending messages.

Discounts coupons

Drive your sales with discount coupons for your customers and manage them easily.

Newsletter database

Build your own customer database for marketing campaigns.

Third-Party Integrations

POS & delivery systems

Save time and process orders even faster. Integrate ordering system with your POS or delivery provider.

Online payments

Increase sales thanks to integration with Stripe or PayPal. Over 30% of customers want to pay online.


Start selling online on any third-part CMS. You can easily launch UpMenu on website build with WordPres, WiX, Magento or SquareSpace.

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Online Ordering System for Restaurants

If you want your restaurant to experience a notable success, you need to launch an online food ordering system. Thanks to the technology and its inventions you can run your business more efficiently. Just like different POS systems help you manage the general workflow of your restaurant, an online ordering system will definitely contribute to the business as well. There are many different things that should be included! Payment methods, loyalty programs, promotion engine, customer’s feedback. UpMenu system’s got you all covered! Get an unique online ordering system design and start gaining those additional customers.

You can sign up for a free trial and see for yourself. UpMenu can help you generate a perfect online ordering system – designed to fit your business’ needs. You don’t need any prior coding experience. Your vision is what counts the most. UpMenu has many different templates so you can easily customize the layout, colors and such. Get ready to create an online ordering system that will help your restaurant increase its revenue and cut unexpected costs by introducing loyalty programs and upgrading the food delivery system. Say goodbye to “no-shows” by launching a pre-ordering and table reservation option in an app!

Get the Best Online Ordering System for Your Business

What is the best online food ordering system? You need something that will boost those sales! Remember that the best online ordering system works on every device so your future clients can easily order their meals from either an iPad or an Android phone. Moreover, make sure that your restaurant’s website is easy to navigate. With UpMenu you may create your own webpage. Just pick a template and start editing it!

Furthermore, grant your business even higher income with an online order booking system. The more you offer the more you get! Remember to reward your devoted customers. Let the UpMenu help you create a perfect loyalty program – you can try the digital punch card so that the customers who place online orders can also collect points. UpMenu might be just the perfect online ordering system for your restaurant.

Find a Perfect Online Ordering System for a Small Business

If you happen to be running a slightly smaller food-establishment, UpMenu can come in-handy as well! If you are looking for a free online ordering system, you’ve come to the right place! You can sign up for a free trial and once you decide on the solution, you may pick the fixed fee per month. There is a lot in store to offer! Whether you need an efficient fast-food online ordering system or something to fit the requirements of your small family restaurant, UpMenu has many different options and solutions.

Let your customers order food directly from your website! UpMenu can help you create a good-looking homepage for your business. And if you want you can also integrate your online ordering system with a specific delivery provider. UpMenu also integrates with WordPress, Magneto, Squarespace and WiX.

Ordering System App Is a Must

Online food ordering and mobile system is something that every restaurant business needs. It will not only boost the revenue but it may also bring you some new customers. People are becoming more and more convenient, that’s why you need to make sure that your business meets your client’s expectations. UpMenu will help you improve the quality of your restaurant’s service by introducing an efficient online ordering system and an app.
Almost 48% of people have at least one food delivery app downloaded on their mobile devices. Nowadays, an ordering system app is a definite must. It is no secret that an online food ordering system can easily make it all work more efficiently and error-free. You can set up an automatic reply option so your customers can get notified when their food is on its way or create a review section to learn about what can be done better to improve the work of the restaurant. There are so many different options that can enhance the functionality of your business. Launching an online ordering system is definitely something to think about while running a food-establishment. Check out UpMenu for more details and sign up for a free trial today!