Online Ordering System For Restaurants Increase sales and reduce costs through online sales directly from your website with no external portals needed

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Who uses UpMenu?

  • I am opening a restaurant with deliveries
    You have come to the right place. We know how busy you are, so we will comprehensively deal with online sales in your restaurant. We will build a website and launch online ordering, so that you can generate high profits from the very beginning.
  • I offer deliveries but I do not sell online
    We will launch online ordering on your website and show you how to use the new channel to gain customers and increase profits in your restaurant.
  • I sell online on other portals only
    With UpMenu you can effectively reduce your costs. Not only will we launch online ordering at your website under your own brand, but – most importantly – we will show you how to effectively redirect customers from the external portal to you and turn them into your regulars.
  • I sell online, but I'm not happy with it.
    The present solution does not work? Too few orders? The solution you use is too expensive? Contact us, and we will solve your problem. We have been in the business for 10 years and cooperate with hundreds of restaurants all over Poland.

How does it work?

Online ordering
from your website

We need just a few days to launch online ordering on your present website or build a new one. You get a new sales channel, more orders and less costs with no commission and external portals.

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examples of mobile applications

Online ordering
via your own mobile app

Always be with your customers. Most of them use smartphones. Provide them with your own mobile app. With the app, they can place orders in your restaurant even faster and more conveniently. Convenience translates into more orders.

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Online orders
on Facebook

Over 2 billion people use Facebook. Most of your restaurant customers do it as well. Take advantage of the potential of your community and sell online directly on Facebook.

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Booking tables
and pre-ordering

You have no deliveries, only takeaway or eat-in options? In UpMenu, you can accept online bookings and take-away online orders. Reduce the number of abandoned bookings and save time by improving your takeaways.

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Panel for restaurants

With UpMenu, you gain more control over your restaurant and improve your staff performance. Just imagine fewer mistakes when ordering, no busy telephone lines, and automatic collection of customers' feedback, plus a variety of reports showing the standing of your restaurant.

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accepting orders
entering discount code

Marketing for your restaurant

UpMenu provides you with all the marketing tools in one place, so you can effectively increase sales and the loyalty of your customers:
- automatic collection of customer feedback
- discount coupons
- cross-selling and up-selling
- advanced promotion module
- loyalty program
- email, SMS and push campaigns
- automation of marketing operations

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Dedicated assistant and excellent customer service

With UpMenu, you will forget all your worries. Really! Excellent client service is our most important goal. Each client is supported by a dedicated assistant, who not only helps in operating the system, but also gives tips on how to increase sales in your restaurant.

for restaurants

If you do not make online sales, your website is nothing more than a piece of information. When you sell online, you turn your website into a money-making machine. In UpMenu, we build beautiful and effective websites that sell more and earn money on their own.

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See our client's opinions

We have been using the system for several years and meet our expectations. It is simple, functional, works well on it, and in case of doubt, the service is always helpful. The company is constantly developing, which also translates into changes in the software. There is also no problem with creating solutions tailored to our individual needs. I recommend on behalf of the crew of the Pizza Factory.


Baśka Madej Fabryka Pizzy

Since the introduction of orders on my own site I have better contact with the customer, the ability to quickly change the menu and adding promotions. Without asking, waiting and checking if it works anymore. In addition, the competent UpMenu care always honestly explains all my queries. Generally, everything ends with the fact that my #lancuchsmakow restaurant has bigger profits. I recommend to all gastronomy managers.


Michał Kucharski Łańcuch Smaków

Always on time, efficiently and without problems :) I recommend the online ordering program at every restaurant. The certain increase in orders :)


Małgorzata Jagielska Bushimi Sushi Burrito

I highly recommend cooperation with UpMenu! Very good contact and a lot of patience and understanding from the entire UpMenu Team :-)


Agnieszka Krawczak

I recommend UpMenu. Very good customer service and eager to help. Really high functionality of the system and the ability to acquire customers and care for communication. Many marketing options and various types of campaigns. The system is constantly evolving so it is as it should be!


Piotr Wysocki

A great solution for online ordering systems. I am pleased with the cooperation and heartily recommend to all. Very good contact with carers (thanks to Ewa :) :) Let's keep it that way!


Katarzyna Grzegorczyk

A great solution for restaurants - the tool gives a really wide range of possibilities and solutions that improve the everyday operation of a restaurant and its presence on the Internet (not only a website, but also marketing solutions). Extremely helpful and flexible service and, what is particularly pleasing, open to introducing new functionalities in the system! :-). Contact with Ms. Ewa Hamerla or Marcin Muras is great!


Alicja Markiewicz

Compared to the competition, they are unmatched. (tested on our pizzeria) Great contact - Mrs. Ewa is a treasure :) They are very flexible, they always advise and have time to discuss everything, set it up. Even at 23 in the night they will help :) Price is unbeatable. It is worth paying for their service. You can easily change the menu, it is simple and customers are happy to switch from a other portals.


Michał Gepka Night Pizza Drive

UpMenu is a simple and intuitive ordering system that includes many options that are useful in the daily management of a restaurant website. The system has extensive options that support the marketing activities of the premises - promotions, coupons, discounts, newsletter base, etc. A big advantage is the reliable support UpMenu delectable caregivers (including Mrs. Ewa Hamerla). :-) I recommend! :-))


Angelika Żyżniewska

At the moment, unrivaled. Add to that the contact with the customer at the highest level, the intuitive interface of the administration panel and we have a constantly developed, really recommendable, platform! I heartily recommend!


Ar Fa

As an owner, I must say that the application is good. The order flows smoothly. Wide functionality allows you to configure your browser in various fields. recommend


Damian Jakubowski

One of the best ordering systems for restaurants. For several years I recommend to customers who use and are very satisfied. The interface is transparent and intuitive, which even those who do not use computers are praising. I would recommend! ps. support sensational and always helps quickly and professionally solve any problems!


Daniel Błażejewski

We have been trusted by small, medium and large restaurants

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