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Case study

Mulberry’s Market: 1190 Online Orders with $32,000 Revenue in Just 3 Weeks!


This case study examines the remarkable success of Mulberry’s Market in implementing UpMenu’s online ordering system. 

The transition to digital has not only streamlined their operations but also significantly boosted their sales and customer engagement.

About Mulberry’s Market

Name: Mulberry’s Market
Location: 335 Highland Ave, Piedmont, CA 94611, United States
Website: mulberrysmarket.com
Started with UpMenu: January 4, 2024
Opening Date: December 8th, 2007
Offerings: Sandwiches, pastries, coffee, bagels, ice creams


Mulberry’s Market aimed to expand its reach and streamline its ordering process by embracing online sales. Their primary objectives were:

  • Increase order volume and revenue through online channels.
  • Enhance customer experience with an easy and efficient ordering system.
  • Gain insightful data on customer behavior and preferences.


Mulberry’s Market integrated UpMenu’s online ordering system into the existing website, which allowed them to manage orders effectively, personalize customer interactions, and analyze sales data for informed decision-making.

„UpMenu is not exaggerating. It really is pretty much plug & play to get up and running. We had a text-based ordering system implemented and they were able to transfer all its information into UpMenu in one day.

I’ve been thrilled with the system and especially how responsive and helpful their customer service has been. Any new software will have kinks to work out, and having UpMenu to hold my hand while we got it all working was wonderful!”
Laura Pochop, Owner of Mulberry’s Market

To facilitate Mulberry’s Market’s remarkable success, several key products from UpMenu were implemented. These solutions not only enhanced the operational efficiency of the food service but also significantly improved the customer experience.

1. Online Ordering System

Integration offered Mulberry’s Market an efficient, user-friendly system for managing and tracking orders in real time, ensuring swift order processing and customer satisfaction.

Online Ordering System
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2. Interactive Online Menu

Customizable menu displays allowed Mulberry’s Market to feature their variety of offerings with appealing images and descriptions alongside dynamic pricing and promotional options for real-time menu updates and effective marketing.

3. Integration with Existing Website

Seamless website integration utilizes customizable widgets and intuitive navigation, enhancing the customer journey from browsing to ordering while offering valuable analytics for informed business decisions.

4. Additional Features

Mobile optimization ensured a flawless user experience on all devices, while its integrated customer feedback system facilitated continual improvement based on direct customer insights.


The implementation of UpMenu proved to be a resounding success for Mulberry’s Market, as evidenced by their performance metrics over the first three weeks:

  • New online orders: 1199
  • Additional Revenue: $32,742.57
  • Savings: $4,911.30 on 3-rd party commissions (15% fee)

These figures represent a significant milestone for the business, showcasing the efficiency of UpMenu in enhancing online sales and customer engagement.

„Besides creating an online ordering option and linking it to our website, UpMenu also created an app for the App Store/Google Play that our customers can download and are using more and more. We’re really excited about the opportunities for the future with UpMenu!”
Laura Pochop, Owner of Mulberry’s Market


  • Revenue and Order Volume: The revenue of $32,742.57 with over 1000 orders in just three weeks highlights the substantial impact of introducing an online ordering system.
  • High Conversion Rate: A conversion rate of 51% is remarkable, indicating that half of the website’s visitors placed an order. This suggests that the user interface and customer journey were highly effective.
  • Average Order Value: An average order value of $26.82 is an indicator of strong pricing strategies and menu appeal.
  • Customer Gratuity: The tips amounting to $1,695.60 reflect customer satisfaction and appreciation for the service.
  • Savings on commission: If the restaurant used food ordering platforms, they would have to pay a 15% commission for the same number of orders, amounting to $4,911.30. At UpMenu, the premium plan with no order limit costs only $169 per month!

Piedmont, CA, United States


Online Ordering System, Analytics & Feedback System



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