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Best DoorDash Alternative For Restaurants

Take control of your restaurant with UpMenu – the best DoorDash alternative. 

Sell food online with the commission-free online ordering system and start growing your restaurant independently from third-party delivery services.

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That’s how much a year you can save on commissions with UpMenu

Tired of paying DoorDash fees? Switch to UpMenu and save thousands on commission fees

Switch to UpMenu, the best DoorDash alternative, and save over 50% on monthly fees compared to third-party apps and delivery services. Activate UpMenu’s commission-free online ordering system and enjoy more revenue and independence for your restaurant.

Advantages of using UpMenu commission-free online ordering system instead of DoorDash

  • No commission fees per order
  • Costs do not increase as your business grows
  • Control over incoming online orders without a middleman
  • Stand out from your competition and stop losing customers
  • Improved online ordering experience for customers
  • Control over marketing activities and customer relationships
  • No more delayed deliveries from third-party services
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UpMenu vs. DoorDash comparison

See the difference in selling food online when you do so from your website vs. through a third-party delivery company like DoorDash.
Business benefits/Systems
Zero commission:
Pay a monthly flat fee subscription starting from $49 per month.

15-30% commission fees:
DoorDash charges the restaurant up to 40% on commission fees from each sale.

Customer data ownership
You own all of the data:
Keep every customer and order in one place with our built-in CRM system. Communicate with your customers, create personalized marketing campaigns, and reward them for their loyalty all from one spot.

Doordash owns the data:
Your customers’ data is managed by DoorDash, which means you cannot reach customers and create your marketing campaigns on your own.

Control over delivery process
You have complete control over the delivery process and quality:
When you offer delivery you can deliver meals yourself or make use of one of the reliable delivery platforms that are integrated with UpMenu, like Stava, DeliGoo, Relay Delivery, and Shipday.

You have no control over the delivery process:
DoorDash delivery service drivers (Dashers) deliver food directly to customers and you’re not in control of the delivery time, zones, and fees.

Online ordering experience and customization
Fully customize your ordering system:
Create and customize your digital menu and website design. Add modifiers, build your own order combos, and offer up-selling and cross-selling options without limits.

Your restaurant doesn’t stand out on the portal:
DoorDash doesn’t give you flexibility and control over your menu; customization can be limiting.

Online payments
Money goes straight to your account:
Say goodbye to cash-flow issues. With UpMenu’s pos integrations, the money you make goes right into your pocket.

You have to wait until DoorDash makes a transfer:
Doordash typically transfers payments to restaurants every week. Therefore, there may be some additional processing time required for larger amounts or if there are any issues with the payment.

Detailed reports
You have access to all the data about your business:
Know how clients find your business, what their order most often, and how much they send to your restaurant.

You get limited access to reports:
DoorDash only gives users basic reporting options such as order reports, customer reports, and sales reports.

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What comes with your own online ordering system?

UpMenu offers powerful features that a single third-party delivery portal can’t provide, allowing restaurants to streamline operations, receive more online orders, and reduce reliance on third-party delivery services.

  • Commission-free online food ordering system
  • Restaurant website and website templates
  • Branded mobile apps for customers
  • Your own order-taking app
  • Marketing tools
  • Restaurant business CRM system

Why Restaurateurs Choose UpMenu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are several alternatives to DoorDash; however, one of the best alternatives is UpMenu, as it offers advanced features such as a website and online menu builder, online order management, a loyalty program, marketing tools, and customization options without hefty commission fees. 

When compared to DoorDash, UpMenu is a great DoorDash alternative that is far less expensive. If you’re looking for ways on how to get more DoorDash orders, take into account that you’ll have to cover DoorDash’s commission fee, food delivery commission, marketing and targeted offers fee, and activation fee. UpMenu has a freemium option and doesn’t charge you commission fees.

There are a number of apps like DoorDash that offer food delivery services, however, it’s important to look at solutions that offer more than just food delivery. With UpMenu, you get a variety of additional features, more freedom when it comes to customization and data ownership, and personalized marketing campaigns that you can control.

Whether DoorDash is oversaturated depends on factors such as market demand, competition, and geographical location. In some areas, DoorDash may have strong demand; in others, there may be more competition or lower demand.

The future of DoorDash will depend on various factors, including the company’s ability to innovate and adapt to changing market conditions and compete with other systems to get food delivered to customers. However, systems like UpMenu are already leading regarding advanced features, such as a built-in menu and website builder, online food ordering, app creator tool, and marketing and loyalty options. 

Although some of the best restaurants can be found on DoorDash, the company has faced a few controversies over the years, but it’s most notable is its restaurant commission fees. 

Once you sign their online form, DoorDash can charge small businesses steep commission fees for each order placed through the delivery platform. Some restaurants criticized these fees as too high, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when many businesses were struggling. As a result, restaurant owners have turned to more cost-efficient solutions that don’t take commission fees, such as UpMenu.

  • Pay and working conditions: Many DoorDash workers, or “dashers,” have reported earning very little money per delivery. In contrast, others have complained about not being compensated for waiting times or other job-related expenses.

  • Tip policies: DoorDash has come under fire for its tipping policy, which initially allowed the company to use tips to subsidize workers’ base pay. 

  • Fees and pricing: DoorDash has been accused of inflating menu prices and charging excessive delivery fees, leading to customer complaints.

  • Treatment of restaurants: Some restaurant owners have also expressed frustration with DoorDash, arguing that the company takes a large cut of their profits and doesn’t provide enough support or transparency around its operations.

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