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ChowNow Alternative & Fee (For Restaurant Owners)

Collaborating with third-party online food delivery platforms such as ChowNow may not necessarily be beneficial for your restaurant. 

By utilizing ChowNow alternatives like UpMenu, you can regain authority over your restaurant, provide delivery at a lower cost, and reduce commission expenses. Begin selling food on your own website, on your own conditions.

ChowNow competitors Upmenu mobile template

Orders: 2500

That’s how much a year you can save on commissions with UpMenu

Stop paying fees on every order

Food ordering service like ChowNow have adopted fee-per-order pricing models. Restaurants are paying up to $1,99 per order, which is a lot of money if you process hundreds of orders monthly.

However, by switching to a ChowNow alternative like UpMenu, restaurants can keep more of their profits and save on these high fees.

Meet advantages of own online ordering system

UpMenu is fulfilling the requirements of the restaurant industry, offering a complete solution that optimizes operations, streamlines management, and help increases revenue to accelerate the growth of your restaurant.

  • No commission fees are charged per order.
  • Costs stay the same with business growth.
  • Direct control over online ordering and delivery systems without a middleman.
  • Stand out from other local eateries and avoid losing customers.
  • Save time with an improved online ordering experience for customers.
  • Control over marketing, customer relationships, and promoting special deals
  • Elimination of responsibility for delayed deliveries from third-party food delivery apps.

UpMenu vs ChowNow

Find out why UpMenu is one of the best ChowNow alternatives.

Features & Business Benefits


Commission-free ordering (pricing model)
Commission-free subscription plan, $49-$169 per month (flat fee subscription)

$0.99-$1,99 fee-per-order
plus 2.95% + $0.20 processing fee

System setup
Free setup

Setup fee $199
Ordering tablet $20/ mo

Free trial
Test up to 14 days for free

To gain insight into the functionality of the system, you must arrange a demonstration with one of the customer support or sales representatives. Upon completion of the demo, you will be required to make an upfront payment for the plan you have selected to use.

Online ordering from your own website trial
Offer food ordering from your own website
Customize the whole platform to fit your brand

You have to pay upfront additional costs to sell from your own website:
  • Monthly Fee: $199 /mo + $199 Setup Fee per location.
  • The Annual Plan ($1,867): $139 /mo x 12 months + $199 Setup Fee per location.
  • Two-Year Plan ($3,494): ($129 /mo x 12 months) x 2 + $199 Setup Fee per location.

Branded mobile app for customers
Your own branded mobile app
Customize the app to fit your branding

You are listed on ChowNow’ app among other restaurants
You cannot customize the app

Control over delivery services
You have full control over the delivery process, own delivery drivers including delivery fees, time, and quality

You have minimal control over the time and quality of the delivery.
Depending on your plan, you can have your own delivery drivers.

Restaurant website builder
If you don’t have a website, you can build your own using 60+ ready-to-use templates

You are limited to a few website layouts without option to fully customize your website

Table reservations
Take not only online orders but also table reservations

Not available

Tableside ordering with QR codes
Allow clients to make in-house orders via tableside QR codes
Design the layout of your QR code stand

You can use QR codes but you cannot choose how they look to match your brand identity

Loyalty program & customer relations ownership
You can create your own loyalty program
You own relationships with your customers

You are limited to ChowNow loyalty system

Marketing tools & customers databases
You have 100% control over your brand and marketing activities
You are the owner of the customer data
Create marketing campaigns for SEO, Email, SMS, and push, as well as promotions and coupon codes

You can create campaigns and promotions, but you are limited to few options of discounts

Why Restaurateurs Choose UpMenu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It depends on how many orders your restaurant process every month. You can use our calculator or this example as a formula to calculate it on your own:

Orders monthly: 1000
Average order value: $50
ChowNow fee per order: $1,99

ChowNow fee: 1000 x $1,99 = $1990
UpMenu fixed-price (unlimited orders): $169

$1990 – $169 = $1821 savings on fees every month using UpMenu ordering system.
Yes, the UpMenu pricing model is based on a fixed-price subscription. We don’t charge any hidden fees or commissions.

Learn more about UpMenu features and pricing.
ChowNow has different pricing models depending on what features your restaurant needs.

ChowNow Marketplace

For orders over $10 and up to $40, the fee is $0.99. 

For orders over $40, the fee is $1.99.

ChowNow Direct:

Monthly Plan: $199 /mo + $199 Setup Fee per location.

The Annual Plan ($1,867): $139 /mo x 12 months + $199 Setup Fee per location.

Two-Year Plan ($3,494): ($129 /mo x 12 months) x 2 + $199 Setup Fee per location.

With UpMenu you can save a lot of money with our fixed-price subscription starting from just $49/month.

Yes, you can fully customize your food ordering system with UpMenu. Our platform offers a range of customizable features, including:

  • Custom ordering system: You can design a unique online ordering system that suits your restaurant’s specific needs. The platform’s advanced features allow you to create custom order types, delivery zones, and more.
  • Menu: You can create and customize your restaurant’s menu according to your preferences. The platform’s menu editor makes it easy to add or remove items, adjust prices, and create combos.
  • Website: You can integrate your online ordering system seamlessly into your website or create a new website using UpMenu’s website builder. This allows customers to order directly from your website.
  • Mobile app: You can create a custom mobile app for your restaurant, which makes it easy for customers to order from their smartphones. The app can be customized to match your restaurant’s branding and includes features like push notifications, loyalty programs, and more.
  • Loyalty program: UpMenu offers a fully customizable loyalty program that lets you reward your customers for their repeat business. You can set up point or stamp systems, discounts, and other rewards to keep your customers coming back.
  • Promotions and coupons: You can create custom promotions and coupons to attract new customers or retain existing ones. The platform allows you to set up different types of promotions, such as percentage discounts or free items, and customize them according to your needs.

In summary, UpMenu provides a comprehensive suite of customization tools that enable restaurant owners to tailor their food ordering systems to their exact specifications.

UpMenu offers multiple food delivery options to restaurant owners, including:

  • Own delivery with own fees: With UpMenu, restaurants can set up their own delivery service with their own fees. This allows them full control over their delivery operations and improves their margins.
  • Delivery areas: The platform allows restaurants to set up delivery areas according to their needs. This ensures that the delivery process is efficient and streamlined.
  • Integration with third-party delivery couriers: UpMenu integrates with third-party couriers such as Stuart or Shipday. This provides restaurant owners an additional delivery option and allows them to reach a wider audience.
  • Contactless delivery: This allows customers to receive their orders without any physical contact with the delivery driver, ensuring the safety of both parties. With contactless delivery, customers can leave special instructions for the delivery driver to follow, such as leaving the food at the doorstep or a designated drop-off location.

In summary, UpMenu offers restaurant owners multiple food delivery options to choose from. This provides flexibility and convenience, allowing restaurant owners to choose the delivery options that work best for their business.

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