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Book-a-table alternative for restaurants

Become independent and limit the costs of cooperating with food portals. Build your own brand.

Let your customers reserve tables at your restaurant

Without a Book-a-table alternative, your customers will reserve tables in the portal and not directly at your restaurant. They will not remember your restaurant’s brand but rather the portal’s brand.

On Book-a-table, you will face huge competition. When a customer wants to book a table at your restaurant, they see many other restaurants. Aren’t you afraid they will change their mind and choose your competition?

Be independent with a Book-a-table alternative

With a Book-a-table alternative you don’t make your online table bookings dependent on cooperation with the portal.

You will also avoid the necessity of paying expensive commission to the portal. Launch an online booking system on the restaurant websiteand let your customers reserve tables the easy way.

Build your own newsletter database

When your customers book tables through the online booking system, they will leave their contact details and marketing consent. The newsletter database in the UpMenu system belongs entirely to you.

Without such a Book-a-table alternative, all data belongs to the portal and you don’t have access to it. Don’t allow this to happen!

Control all activities thanks to a Book-a-table alternative

When you cooperate with such a portal, you really have no influence on how many reservations your customer will make. Everything depends on your position on the search list that Book-a-table assigns to you.

When you launch an online booking system for restaurants as a Book-a-table alternative, you decide which promotional activities should be implemented so that you can earn more. The UpMenu system will be a great help with this!

Increase sales thanks to new marketing tools

The UpMenu system, as a Book-a-table alternative, will give you completely new marketing tools that will also increase the number of table reservations at your restaurant.

You can create campaigns and increase your profit without complicated technical skills or involvement of your valuable time.

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