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A one page restaurant website – does it help or harm online sales?

Monika Kamińska

Marketing and communication enthusiast with 20+ years of experience, a psychologist by education.

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A single page restaurant website enables customers to scroll down along the entire content of the page without having to choose certain sections. Such pages are becoming more and more popular.

The UpMenu online food ordering system can be implemented on any restaurant website, including the beforementioned restaurant website theme. How will such a website design affect the conversion of online orders?

Advantages of a single page restaurant website

1. Speed of website loading

A one page restaurant website loads faster than a traditional restaurant website with sections. This gives an increased quality of interaction with the site. The ideal loading time of a restaurant website is 0.4 seconds.

A customer will accept a loading time of up to 2 seconds. When the time is longer, the customer starts to feel irritated and this reduces conversions on an online food ordering system.

2. Being different than the competition

This is still a new concept, therefore, a good idea to help stand out among the competition. An attractive method of presenting the menu will help you increase profit with the food delivery and take out numbers with online sales.

3. Simple navigation and comfort of use

If you decide on a single page restaurant website, your customers will get to like your brand more quickly. Restaurant websites with multiple sections are more difficult to navigate so the attention of the user cannot be so easily drawn.

Restaurant website with a single page enables users to scroll through the entire website and all its information so that the customer can understand your restaurant and get to know your cuisine better. At the same time, the less information, the friendlier your brand will be portrayed as.

4. Better conversion online orders

Websites built based on single page restaurant website templates help with the increasing conversion of the online food ordering system at your restaurant. The simple design of the restaurant website will make the conversion of orders easier and quicker.

Additionally, the increased conversion is affected by the loading time of a restaurant website – the simpler its design, the shorter the loading time.

5. Easier analysis of a single page restaurant website

The simpler the design of a restaurant website, the easier it will be to analyze. With the support of tools such as Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, you can trace website results.

A single page restaurant website will only contain the key CTA buttons, such as “Order online”. This way, you can trace website results, conversions of the online food ordering system, and introduce the required changes.

6. Compatibility with mobile devices

Choosing subsequent sections on mobile devices may be problematic for a customer. A single page restaurant website eliminates this problem and enables the customer to simply scroll down and see all the information.

one page restaurant website displayed on mobile device

7. Low costs of development and maintenance

This kind of restaurant website generates lower costs for your restaurant. It is simple in development, so creating it is cheaper and does not require complex maintenance. You will not need additional expert IT support.

Disadvantages of a single page restaurant website

1. A one-page restaurant website won’t be any good if you need to publish a lot of information

If you want your restaurant website to include plenty of information, a multi-page restaurant website theme will be more suitable. It would be better to use a more traditional restaurant website design divided into sections to segregate content into more accessible fragments.

one page restaurant website for grill bar

2. Surprising the customer is not always a good idea

The trend for this kind of website design is still quite new. When customers access a single page, they may still be looking for a section with an online food ordering system to place an order.

A good solution is to place a button on the website that will immediately redirect a user to the appropriate place on the page for placing an order.


If you are thinking about how to create a restaurant website, it is worthwhile to consider the presented solution. Intuitive design and fast loading of a website will increase conversions from an online food ordering system.

There are definitely more advantages of a single page restaurant website over multi-page design than there are disadvantages. It is user-friendly, easy to update, and cheaper in developing and maintaining compared to a traditional restaurant website with sections. See how to develop a restaurant website more easily with the UpMenu restaurant website builder. Read also our article: 14 characteristics of the best restaurant websites which will help you earn more money.

Monika Kamińska

Marketing and communication enthusiast with 20+ years of experience, a psychologist by education.

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