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A comprehensive Catering Software

Automate back-of-house operations with specialized catering management software to boost sales.

catering software for restaurants automation comprehensive tool

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Save time and manage your catering orders in one place

Increase sales with software for caterers to run a successful catering business. 

  • Eliminate the use of extra spreadsheets and databases
  • Manage all orders in one catering management system
  • Never overlook a sale with online catering software
  • Use food catering software to adjust your offerings to customer needs


Be in full control of order fulfillment and delivery

Use software for catering business for complete mastery over your operations.

  • Adjust delivery zones to your needs
  • Handle different delivery types for customer convenience
  • Inform customers about the estimated waiting time for order fulfillment
  • Make use of third-party integrations with delivery service companies


Style and edit your website at will to attract more customers

Build your catering website with just a few clicks to establish your online presence. 

  • Pre-designed catering website templates to choose from
  • Customize the website to your liking to reflect your brand
  • User-friendly website builder with no coding skills required
  • Use built-in integration with the online ordering system to grow your revenue


Use tools marketing for customer retention

Collect valuable marketing data and enhance the efficiency of your catering business. 

  • Use customer marketing tools to increase customer loyalty
  • Add exclusive discounts and promotions to boost your sales
  • Send automatic marketing campaigns to enhance customer retention
  • Add personalized offers for loyal customers with just a few clicks
catering software for restaurants marketing system integration

Why Restaurateurs Choose UpMenu

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Why our clients love working with UpMenu

“In the last 10 years, we’ve saved over $1.5M thanks to UpMenu. This is the total we would have owed to 3rd party portals with a 15% commission.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Catering software, an event management platform, efficiently handles bookings and event management, streamlining operations in small and large-scale food production businesses. It also simplifies menu management, customer orders, and point-of-sale transactions. 

This comprehensive software offers a full-service solution for event planning and service delivery, making it ideal for corporate companies managing multiple events concurrently. 

By centralizing these processes, businesses can focus on culinary excellence and growth.
Choosing catering software is subjective, depending on size and needs. Some platforms excel in order management, reducing time-consuming phone calls and miscommunication. 

Cloud-based sales support aids remote business monitoring, ideal for small businesses aiming for cost efficiency.

Consider Ivvy Venue Management, among other catering software options like UpMenu. Choose based on your specific needs, operation scale, and event focus, whether it’s food services, order management, or event planning.
An online catering system is a digital platform that allows catering businesses to manage their operations more effectively and efficiently. It’s a tool that can streamline various aspects of a catering service, whether a small business or a corporate catering company. 

These systems can help to save time, schedule staff, manage orders, and prepare for the next event, whether it’s on-premise or drop-off service.

UpMenu is a versatile platform designed to streamline catering businesses, suitable for businesses of all sizes. Other systems like Event Temple offer similar functions. 

Regardless of the chosen platform, online catering systems aim to simplify and centralize tasks, allowing caterers to focus on providing excellent food and service.
Creating a catering business website can be a complex process that requires not only a significant investment of time but also money. From ensuring that the design is responsive and visually appealing to setting up secure online ordering and incorporating functionalities like accounting, sales reporting, and delivery management software, it can quickly become an overwhelming task.

Catering companies can save time and focus on their core business using a full-service platform like UpMenu. It includes a professional website, a mobile app, an online menu, and specialized add-ons for catering management, including event management software, advanced sales reporting, and security features for data protection.

UpMenu offers a hassle-free, cost-effective, and fully integrated online presence for catering businesses. Instead of investing heavily in building a website from scratch, use UpMenu to enhance your online presence and focus on perfecting catering services, not website management.