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Sell your catering food directly from your website or your own catering app. UpMenu’s catering platform is an all-in-one solution for catering businesses

  • Flat fee, no strings attached
  • Online ordering
  • On-site and online payments
  • Free setup
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Enjoy the Extra Perks

UpMenu gives you everything you will ever need to run a successful catering and restaurant business. 

  • A dedicated online ordering system that allows you to save up to 30% on delivery fees
  • A dedicated website and mobile app
  • An online reservation system
  • A digital menu (QR code menu included!)
  • In-app tableside ordering
  • Customer marketing tools, including SMS and email marketing, loyalty programs, gift cards, and a full-blown restaurant analytics system (fully integrated with Google Analytics)
  • Google ordering

You’re in Full Control

UpMenu is all about bringing the control back to you. Thanks to our food delivery management software you’re in full control of your delivery operations from start to finish.

  • Easy installation and setup
  • Adjust delivery zones to your needs
  • Add and remove menu items
  • Create special offers to celebrate seasonal holidays
  • Increase customer retention through loyalty programs
  • Track your progress through dedicated analytics software

Style and Edit Your Ordering System at Will

Customize the system to your liking by changing colors, descriptions of menu items, and images. 

You can add exclusive discounts, personalized offers, and other exciting features with just a few clicks. The possibilities are endless.

Marketing System Integration

Collect valuable marketing data and enhance the efficiency of your catering business. 

  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Loyalty programs
  • Gift cards
  • Feedback system and reputation analytics
catering software for restaurants marketing system integration

Why Restaurateurs Choose UpMenu

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During these 10 years of cooperation, we have saved $1.5M. This would be the cost if we only used 3rd party portals with a 15% commission.”

~ Andrzej Pelc-Gonera – Owner of the Sushi Kushi, King Kong and Ramen Shop restaurant chains.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Catering software is a specialized type of event management software designed to streamline operations and improve efficiency within a catering business. Whether you’re a small business looking to grow sales or a larger catering company handling large-scale food production, catering software is the tool you need.

This type of software allows you to manage bookings, handle customer orders, coordinate menu management, and even take care of point-of-sale interactions, all within a single platform.

For businesses involved in event management, catering software doubles up as an event management platform, providing a full-service solution to manage events from start to finish. This includes event planning, order management, and coordination of service delivery.

Catering software is particularly beneficial for corporate companies, as it can streamline the process of managing multiple events and orders simultaneously, improving efficiency and service delivery. By integrating various aspects of the catering process into a single platform, businesses can focus more on their culinary creations and less on administrative tasks.
Determining the “best” catering software can be subjective as it largely depends on the specific needs and size of your business. It’s essential to consider several factors, such as user interface, integration capabilities, and the specific features that streamline both front and back-of-house operations.

Among the variety of options available in the market, some stand out due to their comprehensive features. These platforms offer seamless management of catering orders, which can significantly reduce time-consuming phone calls and miscommunication. Cloud-based sales support is another valuable feature to consider, as it allows the monitoring and management of the business from anywhere. This could be a significant advantage for small businesses seeking to cut labor costs and streamline operations.

One such [food ordering platform] that offers a broad range of features is UpMenu. However, there are also other notable contenders in the market, like Ivvy Venue Management, which offers similar features with a focus on venue management. Overall, the choice of catering software should be guided by your business’s specific needs, the scale of your operations, and the type of events you cater to. Whether your focus is food services, order management, or event planning, the market has a variety of comprehensive software solutions to choose from.
An online catering system is a digital platform that allows catering businesses to manage their operations more effectively and efficiently. It’s a tool that can streamline various aspects of a catering service, whether it’s a small business or a corporate catering company. These systems can help to save time, schedule staff, manage orders, and prepare for the next event, whether it’s on-premise or drop-off service.

A prominent example of such a system is UpMenu. This platform is designed to seamlessly integrate the many facets of a catering business, allowing companies to efficiently manage everything from staff scheduling to order management in one place. It’s a versatile tool that’s suitable for all kinds of catering services, from small, family-run businesses to large, corporate catering companies.

However, UpMenu is just one example. There are other popular catering systems like Event Temple that offer similar functionalities. Regardless of the specific platform chosen, an online catering system’s goal is to simplify and streamline the many tasks involved in running a successful catering business. By automating certain processes and centralizing data, these systems allow caterers to focus more on providing excellent food and service for their clients.
Creating a catering business website can be a complex process that requires not only a significant investment of time but also money. From ensuring that the design is responsive and visually appealing to setting up secure online ordering and incorporating functionalities like accounting, sales reporting, and delivery management software, it can quickly become an overwhelming task.

However, for catering companies that want to focus more on their core business and save time, there is a more efficient alternative – using a comprehensive platform like UpMenu. This platform offers a full-service solution that includes not just a professional website but also a mobile app, an online menu, and various add-ons specifically designed for catering businesses. These add-ons cover various aspects of catering management, from event management software to ensure seamless coordination of catering orders to advanced sales reporting and security features that ensure your business and your customers’ information are protected.

UpMenu’s offering allows catering businesses to benefit from a professional, fully integrated online presence without the associated hassles and costs of developing it in-house. So rather than investing substantial resources into building a website from scratch, you can leverage UpMenu’s comprehensive solution to enhance your business’s online presence and efficiency. This way, you can concentrate more on perfecting your catering services and less on managing your website.

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