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Fast Food Automated Ordering System

Lean back, sell faster, sell more. Try the fully automated UpMenu ordering system.

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Automate, simplify, sell more food

Simplify the ordering process for yourself and your customers. 

  • Accept orders with one tap and improve order management
  • Keep order history and receipts in one place
  • All top payment methods for your customers’ convenience
  • Gather invaluable data & grow your business faster


Don’t miss out on any orders

Cater to each and every customer preference. Give them all the options they need.

  • Adjust delivery zones, and fee prices to fit your business needs
  • Choose your order type: delivery, curbside, or pickup
  • Pick, choose, and integrate your preferred delivery service
  • Make food ordering easier with QR code and tableside ordering
automated ordering system for restaurants for restaurants customizable system


Build your online brand

Start building your online brand with a custom-made restaurant website and wean yourself off of third-party ordering systems. 

  • No-code website builder
  • 30+ customizable website templates
  • 100+ pre-designed components
  • Online menu & ordering system


Reach customers anywhere with a mobile app

Sell directly from your branded mobile app and maximize your sales. 

  • Let your customers order in the most convenient way
  • Block-based, no code mobile app builder
  • No extra fees – the app is included in your plan
  • Feature your app on AppStore and Google Play
automated fast food ordering system for restaurants marketing system integration


Foster loyalty and repeat sales

Marketing has never been this easy. Collect marketing data, perk up your customer retention, and build your brand on your own terms.

  • Run SMS, email, and push campaigns
  • Keep customers coming back with promotions and coupons
  • Get repeat sales through loyalty programs
  • Understand your customers’ needs better with the feedback and reputation analytics system.

Fast food website templates

Choose one out of over 30 templates and build your fast food website now.


Why Restaurateurs Choose UpMenu

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During these 10 years of cooperation, we have saved $1.5M. This would be the cost if we only used 3rd party portals with a 15% commission.”

~ Andrzej Pelc-Gonera – Owner of the Sushi Kushi, King Kong and Ramen Shop restaurant chains.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A fast food delivery system is a technology used in fast food restaurants to streamline ordering and delivery processes. It typically includes automated restaurant ordering systems, allowing for self-ordering by customers through self-service kiosks. These systems facilitate order accuracy and efficiency, often integrating with solutions for processing payments quickly and securely.

Fast food restaurants often use automated systems like UpMenu, a software solution with highly advanced automation technology designed to help customers order food efficiently. The key features of such systems include user-friendly interfaces, quick payment processing, and streamlined order management.

Automating the ordering process in restaurants, especially in the fast food sector, brings several key advantages:

  • Automated fast food systems speed up the ordering process, allowing restaurants to serve more customers in less time. This is crucial during peak hours when quick service is essential.
  • Automated order processing greatly reduces the chances of human error. Traditional manual order taking can lead to misunderstandings or miscommunication, but automated systems ensure that what the customer orders is exactly what the kitchen receives.
  • An automated ordering system can efficiently handle a large volume of orders simultaneously, which is particularly beneficial for busy restaurants. This capability helps in managing customer flow and reduces wait times.
  • Automated ordering systems often come with the ability to provide real-time updates to both the staff and customers. For instance, customers can track the status of their orders, and kitchen staff can better manage their workflow with up-to-date order information.
  • Finally, an automated restaurant ordering system offers valuable insights through data analysis. Restaurants can track popular items, peak ordering times, and customer preferences. This information is invaluable for menu planning, marketing strategies, and overall business growth.

In summary, automating the ordering process not only enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction but also provides strategic insights for better business management.

An automated online food delivery system is a digital platform used primarily by fast food restaurants and other dining establishments to manage takeout orders. It typically integrates with a POS system to streamline the ordering and payment processes. This system enhances the customer experience by allowing customers to easily place orders from their devices, reducing the drive time-consuming process of ordering at a drive-thru window or in-store.

Key components of an online food delivery system include automated ordering systems, which help in efficiently managing a large order value and volume. Additionally, some systems might offer self-service kiosks within the restaurant, allowing customers the option of placing their orders in a more interactive and autonomous manner. Overall, these systems are designed to expedite service, improve order accuracy, and provide a more convenient and satisfying customer experience.
Automating the process in a fast food restaurant can potentially lead to more revenue. By employing fewer human employees for taking orders and reallocating them to other tasks, efficiency increases. Fast food restaurants with online ordering systems often see a surge in orders due to the convenience and speed they offer. 

Furthermore, the adoption of self-ordering solutions, like kiosks, reduces wait times and can lead to higher customer throughput, contributing to increased sales. This streamlined process not only optimizes labor costs but can also enhance the overall customer experience, often resulting in higher sales volumes.