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Sushi ordering system

Let your customers order sushi through
your website and mobile application

Not getting too many orders? Launch an online food ordering system!

If your sushi restaurant offers food delivery, launch your own online orders on your website. This will make it possible to increase the number of orders and you will gain your own alternative food ordering portal.

Your own mobile application for your restaurant

A restaurant mobile app will help you build loyalty among your customers. Your sushi restaurant will be available to them at all times in their smartphones!

Think how easy it would be for them to order food from your restaurant wherever they are!

Sushi ordering system on Facebook

Did you know that most of your customers log into Facebook daily? With the UpMenu system, you can take advantage of that! Launch a Facebook ordering system and increase your sales thanks to this additional channel!

Easy order collection

Taking orders via the phone means that your employees have to note down a lot of details. Do errors happen?

Thanks to the online food ordering system, you can collect orders with just one click and use the time saved to look after the really important matters at your restaurant.

Easy management of deliveries

When you offer food delivery, it is important to be able to edit delivery zones easily. The UpMenu system makes it possible to manage all your zones in one place, setting different minimum order values or delivery costs for each of them.

Simple menu editing

Do you modify your menu often? Would you like to have the possibility of adding new products quickly? Thanks to the UpMenu system, you can easily edit all menu items quickly.

Any changes you introduce will be visible in the mobile application and on your website right away.

Online payments will generate more satisfied customers

You will never lose a customer without cash in their wallet again! Thanks to integration with fast online payments, the online food ordering system will make it possible for your customers to make payments via the internet when placing an order. This is the easiest possible way of ordering food!

Printing orders

The UpMenu system will help you print orders on a receipt printer, automatically.

Easy implementation and quick start

The online food ordering system can be launched very quickly and can be integrated with your website in a simple way. Look after the most important issues at your restaurant and we will handle the online orders.

Generate reports automatically

UpMenu system offers quick implementation and launch of online ordering. If you need a website, we will create one specially for your restaurant.

All you need to do is provide your food delivery service, we will handle order management.

Try it risk free,
without obligations