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Online Ordering System for Takeaway

Implement an online takeaway ordering system to grow your sales

online ordering

Save time and money by using a restaurant ordering system

Implement a restaurant’s online ordering system with takeaway and delivery options.

  • Save on commissions paid to third-party apps 
  • Receive and manage all orders in one online ordering platform
  • Ensure customer satisfaction, reduce phone wait times, and save staff time 
  • Use a takeaway system to reach more customers and boost your sales


Control the online fulfillment for improved customer satisfaction

Use a takeaway online ordering system to fully manage your operations.

  • Handle various order types like curbside pickup, takeout, and delivery 
  • Automate orders with default fulfillment times or manually set them using an online system 
  • Offer various payment options to enhance customer convenience
  • Use integrations with POS systems to streamline your restaurant operations
on line takea way orde ring system fro m restaur ant web site


Create a sales-optimized website to attract customers

Build a strong online presence with a restaurant website created in a few clicks. 

  • Select from 50+ pre-designed website templates
  • Use a no-code drag-and-drop editor to build your branded website
  • Customize your restaurant website to fit your branding
  • Use built-in online ordering integration to boost your online sales


Create an online ordering app to reach more customers

Build your online ordering app to increase customer engagement. 

  • Increase restaurant sales and traffic by using push notifications
  • Enhance customer loyalty for those who use your branded app
  • Analyze and enhance your sales using built-in reports
  • Streamline ordering process, catering to you and your customers
online takeaway ordering system with marketing tools


Use built-in marketing tools to increase customer loyalty

Collect data and implement marketing tools to empower customer relationships.

  • Create and send marketing campaigns for customer retention
  • Build customer loyalty programs to grow your revenue 
  • Create discounts and promotions to encourage customers to order more 
  • Analyze customer feedback for better restaurant management
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Why our clients love working with UpMenu

“In the last 10 years, we’ve saved over $1.5M thanks to UpMenu. This is the total we would have owed to 3rd party portals with a 15% commission.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An online food ordering system is a technology solution employed by restaurant owners to facilitate food delivery, takeaway, and orders online. Many popular online ordering systems provide a convenient way for customers to place orders online, whether for delivery or pickup. 

Restaurant owners can subscribe to these systems, typically with monthly fees, to expand their reach and offer takeaway and food delivery services. Customers can browse menus, place orders online, and often track the status of their orders through these platforms, making it a seamless and efficient process for both restaurant owners and customers alike.

Although you can find free online ordering systems, ensure they have all the features you need to successfully run your restaurant, increase sales, and provide customer satisfaction.
Different online ordering systems and online ordering platforms are available on the market, each with its own pricing structure. Some charge a monthly flat fee, while others take a commission on orders. 

Restaurant owners should carefully consider the pros and cons of the online ordering features they seek to select the most suitable solution for their business.

One such online ordering system is UpMenu, which is designed specifically for restaurants. It can be launched quickly and offers a range of features to enhance online sales, including    This solution empowers restaurant owners to manage their online menus, attract more customers, and optimize their online presence on their own websites.
Yes, there is an app for taking food orders offered by UpMenu. We provide an admin app designed for restaurants to efficiently receive and manage orders.

This app simplifies order-taking, allowing restaurant owners and staff to handle online orders conveniently and effectively, enhancing the overall customer experience.
To take orders from customers online, you can utilize an online ordering system. Such a system allows you to receive all orders in one centralized admin panel, accessed through a computer or via an admin app designed for receiving orders. 

With this approach, you can efficiently manage incoming orders, track customer preferences, and streamline your restaurant’s online ordering process. This enhances convenience for your customers and simplifies order management for your staff, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

No, UpMenu is not a free ordering system, but it is an online ordering software that can be used by a restaurant owner with a monthly subscription. 

The UpMenu online ordering system offers three different subscription plans to choose from:

  • Basic – $49 (up to 75 orders per month)
  • Standard – $89 (up to 210 orders per month)
  • Premium – $169 (unlimited number of orders)