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Restaurant Order Taking App (Android & iOS)

Taking food orders over the phone is a thing of the past. Upgrade your restaurant with UpMenu’s order taking app and enjoy the convenience of managing payments, food orders, generating reports and so much more, right from your phone.

An example of UpMenu's order taking app

Manage orders

Run your order taking software your way. Go with web browser, iOS or Android. Download the right app to take orders for your smart device and you’re in. 

  • Use the app on any mobile device
  • Get notified about new food orders on your device
  • Update clients on their order status with just a few taps

      You order taking app is available in the App Store or Google Play.
      The order accepting process in your order taking app

      Tap to confirm orders

      Fewer phone calls, more convenience. Let customers place their mobile orders through your website. Tap to confirm them, check order data, and add status updates in minutes.

      •  No hassle food ordering with a mobile order taking app
      • Order status and estimated time for completion updates for clients
      • Special requests from clients or allergy concerns are all in one spot

          Track order sales & revenue

          Less guesstimating, more real data. Know exactly how your restaurant is doing with UpMenu.

          • Generate detailed sales reports to track revenue
          • Gain insight into which menu items are selling the most
          • Stay up-to-date on client reviews, top spenders, and page visitors

          order accepted app

          Print orders automatically

          Another food order? Let your order taking system get it ready for you. No more hand written notes – get all of the order details right from your clients.

          • All of the order details in one spot
          • Print orders with just one tap
          • Print or store order data in UpMenu

          Refund clients on the go

          Need to refund a customer? One tap in your UpMenu app and clients will have their money in no time. 

          • Quick in-and-out refunding
          • Refund history is stored in the system
          • No jumping through hoops to get clients their money back

          Do more with the app

          UpMenu is the go-to platform for restaurants that are looking to simplify the food ordering and managing process. But there are more features to love than just food ordering:

          • Customer online orders are easy to track and manage

          • Clients can download the ordering app on IOS and Android

          • Easier ordering can increase your food sales

          • Check any outstanding orders on your mobile devices

          • Issue refunds with just a few clicks

          • The user can launch marketing messages instantly

          • Enter loyalty program mode to create promotional campaigns

          • Order details are all in one spot

          See the app in action

          Download the app and see how easy it is to manage online orders in your restaurant daily. If you still haven’t launched the online food ordering system, you can do it in just minutes. Start your free trial now.

          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

          The best order taking app is one that offers a wide selection of practical features. Although food ordering management is important in an order taking app, you should also look for one that offers a built in loyalty program, customer messaging, and statistics. The UpMenu order taking app comes with all of the above-mentioned features, plus you save thousands on commissions from third party aggregators when you make the switch. 

          The UpMenu order taking app allows you to track food orders and update their status so clients know when their meals are ready. Data including order specifications, customer requests, and payment methods are all stored in UpMenu – an online ordering system.

          The UpMenu order taking app lets you reject incoming food orders with just a tap. This feature is especially useful for when clients order meals for delivery outside of your delivery zones, they order items that you’re sold out of, or the order is to be prepared after hours. 

          The UpMenu order taking app allows you to print orders right from your phone. This is especially useful for ticket management for the kitchen staff, who need all of the order details in one spot. 

          The restaurant order taking app is free once you sign up for a subscription plan with UpMenu.

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