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Delivery Hero alternative for restaurants

Save on food portals thanks to your own online food ordering system

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You can save so much by launching your own ordering system instead selling by portal.


Online food ordering portals


circle with exclamation sign PNG IconContinuously rising costs (commission). circle with check mark PNG IconMany times lower costs (predictable and flat monthly subscription).
circle with exclamation sign PNG IconNo customer database and permission for communication. circle with check mark PNG IconUpMenu builds restaurant own customer database with marketing permissions.
circle with exclamation sign PNG IconAddiction to the portal. In the case of termination of cooperation with the portal, the restaurant stays with nothing. No traffic, orders and customer database. circle with check mark PNG IconIn front of restaurant customer there are no UpMenu brand.

Are you horrified by the amount of commission you pay for Delivery Hero?

On online food ordering portals, you pay commission on the amount of orders placed by your customers. The amount of commission can be really terrifying.

The more food deliveries you complete, the bigger the commission you have to pay. Free yourself from such costs and launch a Delivery Hero alternative.

The UpMenu online food ordering system as a Delivery Hero alternative will make it possible for your customers to place orders directly on your restaurant website or mobile app.

This way, you don’t have to redirect your customers to any external portals, the amount of commission is reduced, and you gain independence.

A restaurant mobile app will generate more orders for you

A restaurant mobile app is a great Delivery Hero alternative. It is available for iOS or Android devices and it will actually be a native mobile app of your restaurant.

The more orders from your own sales channels, the lower the commission for online food ordering portals. Additionally, you increase customer loyalty – your application will always be available on their smartphones!

Newsletter database that you can actually use

When you have a Delivery Hero alternative, the newsletter database is generated automatically for you and not for the portal. You can access it any time and use it to send email, SMS, and push campaigns to your customers.

Such activities will increase the profits at your restaurant. You can also be sure that the newsletter database with your customers’ data will not be used for promoting other restaurants, as is the case with online food ordering portals.

Use restaurant marketing tools to pay less commission to food portals

As a Delivery Hero alternative, the UpMenu system will provide numerous marketing tools that will help you with redirecting customers to your own online orders, making you more money:

  • automatic collection of customer feedback
  • discount coupons
  • cross-selling and up-selling
  • advanced promotion module
  • loyalty program
  • email, SMS and push campaigns
  • automation of marketing operations

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