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Google Food Ordering For Restaurants

Get more food orders and reach more potential customers with our seamless integration with Google Food Ordering. Start today and boost your restaurant’s revenue.

Google Food Ordering

Maximize your restaurant's visibility to drive more orders

Take advantage of Google Food Ordering and reach more customers and grow your restaurant’s online presence.

  • More food orders with Google.
  • Reach new customers in Google search and maps
  • Increase your restaurant’s revenue with just a few taps

How Google Food Ordering Works

Step 1: Activate online ordering on the Google Business Profile

Add your menu and the "Place an Order" button. Now, clients can place online orders through your website directly from Google, which can save you a ton on third-party commission fees.

Step 2: Customers google your business and order online

Clients can browse menus, select menu items, and place orders from your website straight from Google listing page.

Step 3: You get more orders from Google

You'll receive orders directly on your mobile device through the UpMenu order-taking app. This allows you to track and manage orders in real-time from anywhere.

google food ordering - how food ordering on google works
Google Ordering - Browsing Menu

Give clients a frictionless ordering experience

Manage online orders, menu updates, and customer information in one perfect solution, and give clients a smooth and seamless experience for placing online orders.

  • Streamlined and a more convenient ordering process
  • Easy menu updating to keep your restaurant’s offerings up-to-date
  • Consolidated customer information for improved customer service

Built for multiple locations and franchises

Managing multiple locations or franchises can be challenging, but by integrating UpMenu into Google Food Ordering, you’ll have a solution that can handle it all.

  • Seamless online order management 
  • Streamlined menu, online ordering, and customer data management
  • Scalable solution that grows with your business
google food ordering - food google maps-multi location

Why Restaurateurs Choose UpMenu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With UpMenu, you pay $49 per month for a dedicated restaurant management system, which includes integration with Google Food Ordering. That means clients can order with Google and all of the incoming orders go right into UpMenu, which saves you hundreds on commission fees and additional costs.

When clients order with Google, their orders will appear in the UpMenu order taking app. This allows you to easily manage them directly from your app, and all of the information pertaining to the order is stored in the system.

Google does not provide food delivery services. As a result, you are required to either have the meals delivered by your delivery person or with the help of a delivery partner that is integrated with UpMenu.

Yes, customers can pay online. Activate the online payments option for Stripe in your UpMenu account to implement this option.

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