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Gift Cards for Restaurants

Create a new stream of revenue and improve cash flow by selling digital gift cards on your restaurant’s website.

restaurant gift card ideas - an example restaurant gift card
restaurant gift certificates - an example of a gift certificate

Sell restaurant vouchers and gift cards to boost profits

Introduce digital gift vouchers into your restaurant and start earning additional revenue.

  • Improve cash flow and profit margins
  • Attract new customers with special promotions
  • Encourage repeat business with loyalty programs
  • Increase revenue during slow periods with a gift card program 
  • Provide incentives for larger orders or new menu items

Create and manage your restaurant gift cards with ease

Generate and manage vouchers and gift cards to attract new customers and improve their loyalty with UpMenu.

  • User-friendly platform for creating and managing each voucher and gift card
  • Integrated with online ordering and delivery systems
  • Generate and store detailed analytics and reports to track of your promotions
how to sell restaurant gift cards online - an extra benefits

How do UpMenu Vouchers and Gift Cards Work?

See how easy it is to create and manage gift cards with our ordering system.

how to sell restaurant gift cards - example

Step 1: Add gift cards to your offer

Add a gift card option to the menu as a product, set the values, add an image to make it stand out. Optionally, you can generate them from the “Coupons” section in your account.

how to buy restaurant gift cards online - example of the vouchers on an online menu

Step 2: Sell your gift cards online

Link your online menu to your website or social media pages and mention that you offer gift vouchers. When a client buys one, you can generate their code and send it to them via email or on a printed voucher.

restaurant gift voucher - example of how to set up

Step 3: Print your gift cards (optional)

Design and print your vouchers using tools like Canva. Make sure to add unique codes generated from the “Coupons” section in UpMenu.

Why Restaurateurs Choose UpMenu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Restaurant gift cards are prepaid cards clients purchase and use as a form of payment at a specific restaurant. In UpMenu, generate digital gift cards that clients can purchase and redeem for their favorite dishes at your restaurant. Additionally, you can print or email the gift card to the recipient so they can keep it at hand.

Offering gift cards in your restaurant can provide a number of benefits for your business, including:

  • Increased revenue: Gift cards can boost your sales by 7% per year, which generates immediate cash flow.
  • Customer acquisition: Gift cards help attract up to 5% more customers who may not have visited your restaurant otherwise. 
  • Marketing opportunities: Gift cards can be used as promotional tools during special events, holidays, or for limited-time offers.
  • Reduced risk of fraud: Digital vouchers and gift cards often come with security features like unique codes, which help you track and protect 
  • Last-minute gift options: Customers appreciate the convenience of gift cards and vouchers as last-minute gift options for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.

Selling restaurant gift cards can be done through various channels and by using several strategies. Here’s how you can effectively sell gift cards for your restaurant:

  • Set up online vouchers: In UpMenu, activate the gift card option on your online menu. Now customers will be able to order their vouchers online.
  • In-restaurant promotion: Get the word out about your gift cards via posters and table tents. Also, make sure staff are well-informed about the option and that they know how to encourage customers to purchase them for friends and family.
  • Social media promotion: Utilize your restaurant’s social media platforms to promote gift cards, showcasing their benefits through posts and live broadcasts.
  • Email marketing: Send promotional emails to clients, highlighting gift card options and any special offers. You can also remind them about upcoming holidays or events when a gift card could make a great gift.

You can sell restaurant gift cards with UpMenu through your own website integrated with the online ordering system. This allows you to easily manage your promotions and gift cards, making it more convenient for your customers. Additionally, you can also email customers their gift card coupon code so that they always have it on hand.

A restaurant online gift certificate is the perfect present for any occasion. People who have favorite restaurants often purchase gift vouchers for their family and friends that they can use to spend there. As a result, restaurants that offer digital restaurant gift cards make extra revenue and gain new clients.

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