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Your own branded restaurant website in 5 minutes

Create a personalized website with UpMenu that turns online visitors into forever customers that’ll keep coming back.

Over 20 themes to build your website in minutes

  • Personalize your website to drive more sales
  • Responsive website designs that scale to any device
  • No extra hosting required means no extra costs

Design your website, your way

  • Fully customizable to fit your brand with our powerful options
  • No coding skills are required.
  • No programmers required
  • On your own domain name

Commission-free online food ordering

Once your website goes live, all of the revenue you make from online food orders goes right into your pocket.

  • Ease of ordering turns website visitors into happy clients
  • Our 0 sales commission lets you earn more and grow more
  • Manage food orders and track your earnings on one app

Optimized for discovery and more traffic

Our sites are built with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind, ensuring that your business is always easily found by potential customers.

  • Clients find your business lighting fast
  • Optimized for SEO to drive more visitors
  • Top of the line website security
  • Multilanguage to support all of your customers

Restaurants can save up to $30K* a year in by switching to UpMenu.

Calculate how much you could save by switching to UpMenu from third party delivery vendors

Disclaimer: These amounts are estimates. Actual results may vary and depend on your unique circumstances. * Based on average monthly Online Ordering volume, assuming that customers pay 30% commission on third party ordering channels and switch all digitial ordering volume to UpMenu.

That’s how much a year you can save on commissions with UpMenu

We did the math

You don’t have time to do it all. If you need help getting your menu in front your clients and increasing online food orders, leave it to your UpMenu website.

While you’re busy doing your thing, your UpMenu website turns page visitors into your forever clients, which gets you more online food orders and more revenue.

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