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90% of customers research on the internet before visiting a restaurant. 57% of them will review websites for restaurants.

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If your restaurant website design is not adapted to mobile devices, you lose potential customers.
52% of internet traffic on websites for restaurant comes from mobile devices.

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Content management system

You can easily match the web design of your restaurant website with your brand identity thanks to well designed CMS.

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With UpMenu, your website uses hosting and an SSL certificate provided to you as part of the subscription for the online food ordering system.

Restaurant website designs

Use our theme store and make prime food websites, mobile-friendly and self-sustaining.

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It is important for you to be able to monitor the results of your restaurant website in detail. They should determine your business decisions regarding restaurant marketing and online sales. When you make a decision, your experience alone may tell you wrong.

You can also benefit from the integration of the UpMenu system with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to develop the best website restaurant design. Data about customer behavior on your website will help you understand them better.

Reports that are automatically generated for you by the UpMenu system will provide actual data regarding customer experience on your restaurant website and online food ordering system. On this basis, you can introduce changes in the restaurant website design on desktop and mobile versions.

Based on such information, you can adjust the appearance and layout of your restaurant website design in a better way, including the mobile version. See why a customer ended up not placing an order or why they ordered so little then optimize your best restaurant website and online food ordering system.

Restaurant Website Design

Restaurant web design is very important. We have mentioned that already before. Most customers visit restaurant websites before they make their decision to visit the actual restaurant. So, you better make sure that your restaurant has the best website in town! A well-designed restaurant website will not only attract new customers, but will also play a significant role in a customer retention plan. You can offer your guests a visual tour around your restaurant or give them the opportunity to place online orders via your webpage. Remember that your restaurant’s website can be a very useful tool when it comes to increasing the revenue and gaining new customers.What are the Features of Some of the Best Restaurant Websites?
There are many different restaurant website examples which can be great sources of inspiration. The most important thing is to stay updated. There is nothing worse than visiting a webpage of a restaurant that has not posted anything from months. “Hello? Are you guys even open?”. Make sure that your website is always up-to-date. New opening hours? New menu? Is your restaurant hosting an event? Remember to put all the info on your website. Furthermore, uploading menu and pictures of dishes might also do the trick. If people are not familiar with some of the food your restaurant is offering, it is always better to back it all up with photos. Even well-known dishes should be photographed. It was scientifically proven that people who are not hungry, but are presented with pictures of different foods are starting to feel the urge to eat.

The Importance of Pictures While Creating Your Restaurant’s Website

Pictures are important too. Restaurants are all about food, right? How can you possibly put up a menu on your website, but no pictures? Make sure to upload photos of those tasty-looking dishes. It will definitely make people want to visit your eatery and order some burgers! What is more, a good website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. The content has to stay fresh (just like the food!). There are some great restaurant websites out there. With UpMenu, you can create your own restaurant website design and let your customers be able to use its advantages and options, like online food ordering or online table reservations.

Layout is Important

Remember that restaurant’s websites that are not adapted to mobile services lose a lot! There is a great deal of people who do almost everything from their phones. Checking the weather, ordering clothes, sending emails, looking up information and most importantly – ordering food! UpMenu can help you build a responsive restaurant site, so that you can gain more customers. Let your guests visit your restaurant’s website from their mobile devices and easily navigate the whole thing!

Restaurants Design Software

You don’t have to be a software engineer in order to create a website for restaurants. Some restaurant designing software might be quite pricey, but you can always look for different options. The internet is full of possibilities and free trials. You can find special software and apps that will easily help you with your restaurant’s floor plans and kitchen layouts. Besides, you can invest in POS systems, that will definitely make your business run smoothly and more efficiently. And there are systems that will help you with setting up online food ordering. An online ordering website is an extremely important segment of every food establishment out there. If you ever wondered how to make a website with online ordering feature, then you should take a closer look at UpMenu system. With UpMenu you can easily create an online food ordering system that will integrate both with Android and iOS software, so that everyone will be able to order food from your restaurant.

How to Create a Food Website?

Food website needs pictures. It also has to provide online food ordering services and it should let your customers be able to make online table reservations. Further, a good restaurant website should also contain some important information, like opening hours and location. If your restaurant’s website is not very welcoming, then you might not see that customer visiting your restaurant at all. A lot of people base their restaurant trips on their online research. First they visit the website, then, based on what they saw on the screen, they make a decision, whether or not they want to eat at your eatery. It all works like first impressions do, so make sure to do all your best to attract those customers. Use pleasant colors and images. UpMenu allows you to search through their “theme store” and look for something that will fit your restaurant’s vibe. All the templates are easily customizable.

Customer Experience

It is also good to be aware of customer experience on restaurant websites, so that a restaurant owner can make changes and make the website even more efficient and profitable. UpMenu system can generate a report that will show you data regarding that customer experience. This awesome feature will help you keep an eye on your restaurant’s website results. That way you can customize the layout or see if there is anything else that should be changed, so that customers will be given a better experience while visiting your restaurant’s website. Customer experience data might also help you plan your future marketing strategies and campaigns as well. We all know that marketing is crucial when it comes to increasing those profits, that is why you should always know your customers reactions and insights. They might help you improve the general work of your food establishment.

Customer’s Behavior Data

In order to understand your guests better, you need to take a closer look at Customer’s Behavior Data. Some systems (like UpMenu) integrates with Google Analytics, so you can only benefit from that! Know how many people visit your website. How many customers place orders, and how many clients leave the website without placing one. This knowledge may also help you introduce any changes to the layout or other features that will eventually lead to more website visits and higher online food ordering rates. A pleasant restaurant web design will definitely let you gain and retain customers.

Online Food Ordering Options

Let us focus on food ordering options again. The pandemic made us all stay at home. So, online food ordering has become even more popular. In order to give your customers an unforgettable food experience, you need to offer them an option to order food online. With UpMenu system, you can easily create a food ordering app, that will work on Android and iOS software. You can adjust the app so that it will suit your client’s needs and expectations. Your guest will be able to place orders through your restaurant’s website as well. More options give you more profits! Customers like to have options. A satisfied customer is a key to your business’ success!

Remember About Some Basic Features

Even though most of those website design softwares and aps will guide you through the entire process of making a webpage, you should remember about few simple rules and features. Sometimes less is more. And even though we encourage you to make your restaurant’s website as informative as possible, try to keep it simple and organized. Use toned colors and good quality images. And just like we have mentioned before – always keep it updated. Restaurant websites are links between food establishments and customers, so it is always important to make them clear and readable. UpMenu offers you a free trial, so you can check it out and decide if you want to sign up for more features! Remember, a well-designed restaurant website will definitely bring you new customers.
Even though restaurant websites vary, they all have the same purpose – to advertise your business, sell the product, inform your potential guests about opening hours, food, events and finally – to boost your revenue. Creating a transparent and welcoming website will get you some new customers. You will be able to change online visits into actual restaurant visits. And your website visitors might turn out to be loyal customers.

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