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Free Templates for Menus

Our free menu templates are professionally designed and fully customizable, making it easy for restaurant owners to create visually stunning menus that increase online food orders and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

UpRestaurant Menu
One of our most popular restaurant menu templates is ideal for restaurants and allows customers to easily navigate each page, choose their menu items, and order immediately. Once your menu goes live, activate online ordering for easy food selling right from the menu.
Autumn Cafe Menu
Design a responsive menu template perfect for your coffee shop using our menu builder. The light themes easily make your menu items pop and give clients a look into what dishes you have to offer.
Express Pizza Italy Menu
Activate and customize one of our most popular menu design templates for pizzerias and make your dishes stand out. Then, enable online ordering and start selling pizzas online right from your digital menu.
Cookie Store Menu
This minimalistic menu template perfect for cafés and bakeries allows you to showcase your menu items so customers can browse freely and order right from your online menu.
La Bella Ristorante Menu
Got the best pasta in town? Show off your dishes with the perfect menu template. Design a responsive digital menu and allow customers to make ordering their favorite pasta a breeze.
Sushi Bar Menu
Activate one of our most popular sushi restaurant and bar menu designs and take your business to the next level. Show off your fantastic sushi creations and activate online ordering so clients can place their orders right from your own menu.
Beefed Menu
This restaurant menu template for fast food businesses is just what you need. Show off your fresh dishes to the world and link up online ordering with your menu for in-house or food delivery.
Bistro Menu
Our most popular menu template for bistros is here. Add your own pictures, main dishes, and desserts, and activate online ordering so clients can order right off your beautiful menu template.
Saladra Menu
Your customers are going to love this colorful website template. Let them view your menu and order food directly from you, either for delivery, pickup, or on-site – right off your menu.
The Shrimp Menu
This menu template stands out from other designs when it comes to presenting your dishes. Build your menu around this exclusive template, suitable for all seafood restaurants looking to give their menu a more posh look.
Orienta Menu
This menu template is designed with Eastern and Asian restaurants in mind. Design, edit, and launch your menu with online ordering to give clients a taste of eastern cuisine.
Green Table Menu
This menu template shows off your dishes like no other. Stand out with this simple yet elegant template, designed to make pictures of your menu items the primary focus for easy viewing and quick ordering.
Hot Kebab Menu
Fast food restaurant meets orient flair – that’s what this template is all about. With a light design, navigating the menu page is easy, and food images on this template entice customers to order right away.
Homely Bar Menu
The perfect, all-around menu design for bars and restaurants is here. This layout allows you to create a simple yet responsive restaurant digital menu for quick online food ordering.
Avocado Menu
Go green with our favorite menu template that your customers will love! It is ideal for cafes or restaurants looking to make their dishes pop with bright pastel colors for easy menu navigation on all devices.
Food Factory Menu
Who said restaurant menu templates can’t be more “industrial”? This template takes your restaurant or café to a whole new level – share your collection of pictures of your food items and make your online food ordering process easy for customers.
Chinesen Menu
Other menu templates aren’t custom-made for your Chinese restaurant – ours is. Create your own menu template with our free builder that makes menus pop on the web and mobile devices and gets food orders pouring in.
Little Italy Menu
This menu design template will have clients saying “Mamma mia”! Our most popular Italian food template makes clients feel like they’re ordering dinner straight from Italy. Add your food-related pictures and menu items, and link your online ordering for quick food orders that’ll fill your books in no time.
Mexicana Menu
Who can say no to tacos, enchiladas, and burritos? Get your Mexican food menu template and take your business online. Show off your flavorful dishes and give your restaurant access to the internet with a fully-customizable menu design template.
Crispy Burger Menu
This fast food menu design template will make your customers’ mouths water. Activate this template and start showing off your unique dishes on a menu that matches your brand.
Floury Menu
Make your bakery the talk of the town with a bit of help from our newest free menu template. Activate this template and take all that floury goodness from your bakery onto the internet. Show off your baked goods online, take orders, and leave your mark with this classy template.
Nice Fries Menu
Fast food restaurants rejoice! This menu template design will help your restaurant stand out from the competition. With great contrasting tones and a layout that makes your business’ online branding pop, you can showcase your menu and take food orders from the get-go.
Grande Italia Menu
This food menu template is perfect for pizzerias and Italian restaurants alike. Show off your fantastic pasta dishes or pizzas in an easy-to-navigate menu, and activate online ordering to give clients the perfect online ordering experience.

Frequently asked questions

Creating a free online menu for your restaurant can be a great way to showcase your dishes and attract more customers. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Gather all necessary information: Make a list of all the dishes you want to include on your menu, along with their descriptions, prices, and any other relevant information such as dietary restrictions or special instructions.
  2. Choose a platform: Sign up with UpMenu’s no-code menu creator and try different menu designs, add your dishes and desserts, and upload pictures of your delicious creations.
  3. Customize your menu: customize your menu to match your restaurant’s branding and colors. Make sure it is easy to read and visually appealing.
  4. Test your menu: Once your menu is complete, make sure to test it on different devices and browsers to ensure it is easy to access and navigate.
  5. Publish your menu: Finally, publish your menu on your website, social media pages, or any other platforms where your customers can easily access it.

Here are the steps to create an online menu for your restaurant on Google:

Create a Google Business account: this is a free service that allows you to manage your business information across Google, including your online menu.

Add your restaurant information: include your restaurant name, address, phone number, website, and hours of operation. Create your menu: set up an account with UpMenu and create your online menu. Make sure to add your menu items, pictures, and descriptions. Link your menu to Google: copy your online menu’s link and paste it into your Google business page. That way, when clients search for your business on Google, your page will appear, along with your digital menu.

Once you’ve created an account in UpMenu, add your menu items and select your website theme from our list of different designs. Next, simply preview your menu to see how it looks and if it fits your branding.

A menu template design for restaurants should match your branding. That means your menu’s style and color themes should be aligned with your business as a whole. Here are a few key elements to consider when designing a menu:

  • Keep your menu design simple
  • Use high-quality images
  • Highlight your most popular or signature dishes
  • Experiment with different fonts
  • Choose colors that match your branding
  • Add in-depth descriptions of your dishes
  • Include information about allergens

Overall, a well-designed menu should be easy to read and navigate, visually appealing, and consistent with the restaurant’s theme and branding.

With UpMenu, there’s no need to download your menu templates. Instead, once you’ve signed up to UpMenu and created your restaurant menu design, you can show it to your clients online. Then, link your online menu to your website, activate online ordering, and take food orders immediately.

Yes, the UpMenu restaurant menu builder lets you link your online menu directly to your website, from which clients can place their food orders. Each incoming order is then managed online in UpMenu.

Yes – once you activate your menu template and online ordering, clients can place food orders directly from the menu. Make sure to link your digital menu to your website and social media pages to increase online visibility and get more food orders.