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Free Italian Menu Templates

Check out our Italian menu templates, perfect for Italian restaurants! These templates have stylish designs that will make Italian menus look incredibly tempting.


Our Italian menu template is a great fit for pizzerias and Italian restaurants. Showcase your delicious pasta dishes and pizzas with a user-friendly menu design, and enable online ordering for a seamless ordering experience for your customers.

This menu design template will leave your clients saying “Mamma mia”! Our top Italian food template gives your customers the feeling of ordering a meal from Italy. Easily incorporate your food photos and menu items, and connect them to your online ordering system for swift food orders that will keep your tables full in no time.

Do you serve the best pasta in town? Showcase your Italian restaurant pasta dishes with our ideal menu template. Create a responsive digital menu and make it effortless for customers to order their favorite pasta dishes.

Activate and personalize one of our highly sought-after menu design templates tailored for pizzerias, and let your pizza creations shine. Then, enable online ordering and sell your delicious pizzas directly from your digital menu.

Try out our Romana Fiesta menu template for a delightful Italian meal experience. Its clean and modern design is a great way to show off your Italian cuisine offerings. Plus, it makes online ordering a breeze for your customers.

Boost Orders with Eye-Catching Menu Template

Enhance customer engagement with a variety of unique Italian menu templates.

  • Designed specially for Italian restaurants
  • Modify price list in minutes
  • Customize colors
  • Completely free and ready for immediate use

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Customizing our Italian menu templates is a breeze! You can adjust fonts, colors, images, prices, and more, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your restaurant’s unique style and culinary offerings.

Incorporating these Italian menu templates into an online ordering system is straightforward. They are compatible with the UpMenu system. 

However, if you only wish to display your menu without enabling online ordering, you can turn that off.

Certainly! The menu will appear fantastic and function seamlessly on various devices, including phones, tablets, and computers. This ensures that everyone can easily view your menu without any issues.

Absolutely! With our Italian menu templates, you can effortlessly include any special deals, offers, or discounts you’d like to promote. This ensures your customers won’t overlook any of your exciting deals!

While these templates primarily show your menu and facilitate online orders, integrating them with platforms like UpMenu lets you gain insights into your customers’ preferences and behaviors. You can generate and store comprehensive reports about your customer interactions and the financial aspects of your business. 

Additionally, you can download and print these reports for your convenience if you prefer physical records.
Absolutely! You can add a diverse range of dishes to your Italian menu template. Whether it’s a pasta dish like spaghetti carbonara, a succulent meat sauce, a flavorful fish dish such as branzino, a delightful cheese plate with cured meats, or a pizza topped with hot pepper, your menu can feature all these Italian culinary delights. 

From the first course featuring classics like risotto to the second-course options like osso buco, your menu can be tailored to showcase the richness of Italian cuisine. Don’t forget to include delectable desserts like panna cotta and offer traditional Italian coffee like caffè macchiato. 

With these menu templates, your Italian dining experience can encompass the full spectrum of flavors and courses, making it an enticing meal for your patrons.

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