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Free Catering Menu Templates

Catering menu templates will help you simplify your website and menu design making it easier for your customers to order.


Our most popular free catering menu template is tailor-made for catering services, providing a seamless experience for customers to navigate and place their orders promptly. Upon launching your menu, activate the online ordering feature for convenient food customization and effortless selling directly from your website.

Embrace eco-friendliness with our preferred free catering menu template, sure to captivate your customers. Specifically designed for cafes and restaurants, it infuses vibrant pastel hues to make your dishes stand out, ensuring seamless menu browsing across all devices.

Elevate your catering business with our exceptional catering menu template, designed to showcase your food items like never before. This elegant yet straightforward template prioritizes the spotlight on images of your menu items, ensuring effortless viewing and swift ordering for your valued customers.

Increase Orders with a Professional Menu Template

Boost customer conversions with a curated assortment of specialized catering menu templates.

  • Created specifically for catering services
  • Change prices in a moment
  • Customize colors 
  • Free and ready to use

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our catering menu templates are highly customizable. You can easily modify layouts, descriptions, prices, colors, images, add-ons, icons, and more to perfectly align with your brand and offerings.

Incorporating these menu templates is a seamless process. They are already pre-integrated with the UpMenu system. 

However, if you prefer to showcase your menu without enabling online ordering, you can easily choose not to activate the online ordering feature.

Indeed, the menu for catering is meticulously crafted to guarantee a smooth and user-friendly experience for customers on a wide range of devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones, thanks to its mobile-responsive design.

Certainly! Our templates are crafted to easily incorporate any special offers, discounts, or promotional content you wish to emphasize.

While the primary purpose of these templates is to showcase and streamline online ordering, their integration with platforms like UpMenu unlocks a wealth of detailed analytics and insights into customer behavior, preferences, and top-selling dishes.

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