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Hospitality Groups

All-in-one software to create one website and online front store for all your food concepts.

One solution, infinite possibilities


Create a stunning multi-concept website with ready-to-use templates.

Online Ordering

Use an Online Ordering System to sell online from multiple locations.

QR Code Menu

Streamline your operations, allowing customers to order & pay with QR codes.

Marketing Tools

Boost your marketing efforts with automated promotions for each location.

Table Reservations

Get more tables filled with multi-location online reservations on your website.

Pre-order & Catering

Accept and manage in advance orders to never miss a sale.

Multiple Locations

Manage all properties in one simple dashboard to save time and costs.

User Permissions

Give your staff, managers, and business owners access to specific features & locations.

Events Management

Increase revenue and promote your events by selling tickets from website.

Why Hospitality Groups Choose UpMenu?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can implement online ordering for dining and catering services by creating a user-friendly website or mobile app. This allows guests to conveniently place orders for meals, event catering, and more online, offering a streamlined experience across your properties.

Yes, you can customize the online ordering interfaces for each property within your hospitality group while ensuring a consistent brand identity. This enables you to highlight each property’s unique dining options and catering services while presenting a unified brand image to your customers.

An online presence with online ordering enhances convenience for guests. By offering online ordering and mobile-friendly platforms, you can cater to customers who prefer ordering meals or catering services from their smartphones or computers. Implementing marketing strategies, such as promotions and special offers, can help attract more guests to dine or cater with your properties.

Yes, the online ordering system is fully optimized for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. This ensures that guests can easily browse menus, place orders, and access catering information on various devices, providing a seamless and convenient ordering experience.

Managing orders, menus, and performance data is made simple with an intuitive dashboard. You can oversee order processing, menu updates, and analyze performance metrics for dining and catering services across all your properties efficiently. This centralized control allows you to adapt to changing customer preferences and market trends within your hospitality group.

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