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All-in-one brewery software to boost your online presence with a website and online ordering.

One solution, infinite possibilities


Create a stunning brewery website with ready-to-use templates.

Online Ordering

Use an Online Ordering System to sell online and increase revenue.

Events Management

Boost revenue and promote your events by selling tickets from website.

QR Code Menu

Streamline your operations, allowing customers to order & pay with QR codes.

Marketing Tools

Boost your marketing efforts with automated promotions and reach more customers.

Table Reservations

Get more tables filled with online reservations on your website.

Why Brewery Owners Choose UpMenu?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our online ordering system is designed to capture the craft beer excellence and brewery ambiance of your brewery. It allows beer enthusiasts to enjoy your premium brews, ensuring the same quality and atmosphere they experience at your taproom.

An online presence with online ordering expands your brewery’s reach. It enables both loyal patrons and new customers to easily order their favorite beers, growlers, and brewery merchandise while preserving the reputation for brewing innovation and vibrant community gatherings that define your brewery.

Absolutely! Our system provides a dynamic platform to display your brewery’s diverse beer portfolio, seasonal releases, and brewery memberships. You can highlight unique beer styles, flavor profiles, and even offer exclusive perks for brewery members.

Yes, our system supports the creation of virtual brewery tours, beer merchandise sales, and exclusive access to brewery events. You can host virtual brewery tours, sell branded merchandise, and offer VIP access to special brewery events that cater to beer enthusiasts and loyal fans.

Our system offers robust data and analytics tools that provide insights into customer preferences, beer ordering trends, and feedback. You can use this information to refine your beer lineup, plan targeted promotions, and ensure that every beer you offer, whether online or at the brewery, resonates with customers and keeps them engaged.

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