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Hotel Restaurants

All-in-one software to boost your sales and guests convenience with a website and online ordering.

One solution, infinite possibilities


Create a stunning hotel restaurant website with ready-to-use templates.

Online Ordering

Use an Online Ordering System to sell online from multiple locations.

QR Code Menu

Streamline your operations, allowing customers to order & pay with QR codes.

Events Management

Increase revenue and promote your events by selling tickets from hotel website.

Table Reservations

Get more tables filled with online reservations on your hotel website.

Menu Management

Increase efficiency by managing menus for all your hotel restaurants in one place.

Multiple Restaurants

Manage all hotel restaurants in one simple dashboard to save time and costs.

User Permissions

Give your staff and managers access to specific features & restaurants.


Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive reports & analytics for each hotel restaurant.

Why Hotel Restaurants Choose UpMenu?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our online ordering system is designed to uphold the sophistication and ease of your hotel restaurant. It allows guests to enjoy gourmet meals and exceptional service in the comfort of their hotel rooms, ensuring a seamless dining experience.

An online presence with online ordering enhances your restaurant’s reputation. It caters to travelers’ preferences for in-room dining or takeaway, offering them the same quality and luxury they expect from your hotel’s dining establishments.

Absolutely! Our system provides an elegant platform to showcase your hotel restaurant’s diverse menu, daily specials, and unique dining experiences. You can include enticing descriptions, high-quality images, and even wine pairings to entice guests.

Yes, our system supports the creation of exclusive dining packages and promotions tailored for hotel guests. It’s a great way to enhance their stay and encourage them to indulge in the hotel’s dining offerings.

Our system offers robust data and analytics tools that provide insights into guest preferences, dining trends, and feedback. You can use this information to refine your menu, promotions, and service, ensuring a consistently exceptional dining experience for hotel guests.

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