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Food Halls

All-in-one software to create one website and online front store for all your food businesses.

One solution, infinite possibilities


Create a stunning multi-restaurant website with ready-to-use templates.

Online Ordering

Use an Online Ordering System to sell online from multiple food businesses.

QR Code Menu

Streamline your operations, allowing customers to order & pay with QR codes.

Marketing Tools

Boost your marketing efforts with automated promotions for each restaurant.

Table Reservations

Get more tables filled with multi-location online reservations on your website.

Menu Management

Increase efficiency by managing menus for all food hall restaurants in one place.

Multiple Restaurants

Manage all food hall restaurants in one simple dashboard to save time and costs.

User Permissions

Give your staff, managers, and business owners access to specific features & restaurants.

Events Management

Increase revenue and promote your events by selling tickets from website.

Why Food Halls Choose UpMenu?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our online ordering system is designed to capture the diversity and community spirit of your food hall. It allows customers to explore a variety of culinary options and enjoy communal dining from the comfort of their homes or workplaces, recreating the food hall atmosphere.

An online presence with online ordering extends your food hall’s reach. It enables customers to savor dishes from multiple vendors, perfect for group orders or individual choices, without losing the vibrant and eclectic atmosphere they love about your food hall.

Absolutely! Our system provides an engaging platform to display the diverse range of culinary offerings and rotating vendors in your food hall. You can highlight different cuisines, showcase daily specials, and recommend pairings to entice customers.

Yes, our system supports the creation of unique food hall experiences, including virtual events and thematic menus. You can organize virtual food festivals, chef collaborations, and special menus to keep customers excited and engaged.

Our system offers robust data and analytics tools that provide insights into customer preferences, ordering trends, and feedback. You can use this information to curate vendor rotations, tailor offerings, and create memorable dining experiences in your food hall.

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