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Best food promotion ideas for restaurant (Ebook)

We have prepared this eBook especially for you, to show how you can make your customers happy using just a few simple actions. You will learn several ways to create a discount, and you will soon see how effective they are. We will also share some of our best tips for you to use in your online food ordering system so as to provide your guests with everything they need.

Do you have a product in your menu that you want to promote at a particular time? Would you like to increase its sales? A great opportunity to do this is to set up a discount for a specific product or group of products in your online food ordering system.
A loyalty program is a great way to encourage your customers to order more online. Remember, rewards make customers feel important and appreciated – that’s how you develop their loyalty.
“Pay once, eat as much as you want…” Such a promotion may at first seem unprofitable to restaurateurs. But if you know that your restaurant is busy and you have a lot of orders, you can easily afford this type of food promotion.
You can offer such a discount for any single dish from your menu or for an entire product group. If you have UpMenu, you can easily run this type of promotion. When the customer places an order, their basket will be automatically discounted.