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Increase your food deliveries with a loyalty program (Ebook)

Launching the UpMenu loyalty program and reward system will bring more online orders, and your sales and profits will increase. Additionally, you give your customers the opportunity to enjoy winning rewards. It’s great fun for them and another effective marketing step for you. Let your guests order more and more often.

Boost your restaurant marketing by making a game out of the loyalty program. Why? Because people love to win and get prizes. That’s how psychology works. As a result, your customers will order food more often and in larger quantities, which will translate into an increase in your sales and profits.
Automatic integration with the UpMenu system makes the restaurant loyalty program software particularly convenient. Customers who place orders online immediately collect points on their account. They will also be told how many orders they still have to place to earn the reward.
Restaurant loyalty programs are structured in such a way that you can easily adjust them to your brand’s image. You choose one of the many available motifs and you pick the colour of the template. Make sure that your restaurant website, online orders pages, mobile application, loyalty program and social media channels all consistently project the same profile.
It is important that your staff let customers know that the restaurant runs an active loyalty programme. You can also distribute flyers with the information. In addition, if time permits, it is worth showing some guests how the programme works – show them the application and the place where their points are collected.